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Eminem Receives Message From Former NY Mayor After Halftime Show “Go To Another Country”



Eminem Rudy Giuliani Saga Starts After Halftime Show
Image Source: Getty Images.

Former NY mayor Rudy Giuliani thinks Eminem should go to another country after he kneeled during the Super Bowl Halftime show. The topic of Eminem doing the act is being heavily discussed on the internet since the famous sports event. It shows where he stands politically & that he supports the Colin Kaepernick fight.

Rudy Giuliani is sharing an opinion on Eminem, that many other people have as well. This includes both current & former fans of Eminem, as he’s been more vocal on social issues in the recent years of his career. Check out the full clip below:

Rudy Giuliani’s Negative Takes On Halftime Show

Since Rudy Giuliani thinks Eminem should go to another country, let’s take a look at why he’s saying this. He is directly quoted saying, “Why doesn’t he go to another country? I mean, go take a knee someplace else. You know how many cops were defending him and protecting him at that game yesterday? I mean crime is way out of control in Los Angeles.”

Rudy Giuliani is basically on the stance of supporting/protecting the police, and that Black Lives Matter supports the murder of police. “The simple reality is the NFL has made a mockery of law enforcement, particularly with its support for the cop-killing Black Lives Matter.”

Now, while everyone is entitled to an opinion, it’s ridiculous to make wild claims such as BLM being a movement that kills police. Where do you stand in this situation? Do you think Eminem’s kneeling is justified & helpful? Or do you believe Rudy Giuliani is right about the Halftime show? Read more of FM Hip-Hop’s featured articles today.


Written by: Oryah Brown | Instagram: @oryah.wav


I've been writing Hip-Hop content on my own for almost 2 years now. Music has always been my passion, and I have experience in most areas that utilize the art form: production, writing, curating, engineering, etc.

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