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Empowering Women, Embracing Identity: An Interview with Yvonne Guidry, Founder of SpoiledLatina



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In the world of entrepreneurship, there are a number of success stories that stem from overcoming adversity. As well as turning negativity into an opportunity for growth. Yvonne Guidry, the visionary behind SpoiledLatina, is one such entrepreneur, empowering women. Her inspiring journey has touched the lives of countless women, particularly women of color. In this exclusive interview, Yvonne shares her mission of  promoting self-love, and understanding one’s worth. Which led her to create a platform that celebrates diversity and advocates for women entrepreneurship.

How Yvonne Guidry is Empowering Women

Yvonne’s motivation to create SpoiledLatina can be traced back to 2008 when she found herself restricted to the label of being “the wife of” someone. Rather than being seen as her own individual. The feeling of always being the “last one to eat” and wearing so many different hats fueled her desire for change. However, it was an incident on a video shoot that set her motivation on fire. Someone referred to her as a “spoiled Latina,” which sparked a realization within her. Rather than letting the negative meaning of the term upset her. Yvonne saw the potential to turn it into a powerful force for good.

Carving Out Her Own Path

During her time at the SwishaHouse record label, Yvonne Guidry played a pivotal role. For her, being at SwishaHouse presented an opportunity to challenge and reshape her mindset. Instead of simply being defined as her husband’s wife, she approached her role with a different perspective. Determined to carve out her own identity. Yvonne wanted to make a name for herself independently. Despite her husband’s ownership of the label. She was driven to be known as “Yvonne,” choosing the path less traveled. Yvonne decided to pave her way. Taking the “hard way” to create her own distinct path in the industry. Her tenacity represents her commitment to personal growth and empowerment as a woman in the business world.

In 2015, she took the brave step of creating her blog, SpoiledLatina. With the mission to support and empower all women, particularly women of color. What started as a personal journey quickly evolved into something much greater. As her blog gained attention, Yvonne began attending conferences across the country. Building relationships and partnerships, as well as embracing her motto: “hustle, motivate, and collaborate.” Through these efforts, she not only advocated for women entrepreneurship, but also became a beacon of awareness. In particularly, for the challenges women face in their pursuit of success.

For Yvonne, finding a balance between work and life is essential to leading a fulfilling, well-rounded existence. SpoiledLatina has become a valuable resource for women seeking to enhance their lifestyles. Providing them with the tools and knowledge to create the best versions of themselves.

Notably, Yvonne’s journey isn’t just about personal growth. She is keen on promoting diversity and representation within her company and events. By featuring panels made up of women from various backgrounds and cultures, she ensures that SpoiledLatina fosters an inclusive environment.

One of the pivotal moments in Yvonne’s journey was her partnership with Diageo. As part of their 200%er initiative with Buchanan’s Whiskey. The program’s goal is to empower hustlers to keep pushing forward and never giving up. Through this collaboration, Yvonne’s second annual SpoiledLatina Summit attracted over 500 women. Making a significant impact on Hispanic culture.

Reflecting on the partnership, Yvonne shared, “We have always consumed their products, but now, seeing ourselves represented by it, everything feels different. It’s empowering, especially when we look back on how far we’ve come.”

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Facing Obstacles & Overcoming Them

Despite the progress made, Yvonne realizes the barriers that women, especially women of color, face. Particularly in forming brand partnerships. However, she remains optimistic about the future and encourages aspiring business owners to follow their hearts and pursue their passions. Her advice is simple yet profound: “Go for it, whatever it is in your heart. It’s okay if it’s not altogether, life is short!”

Yvonne Guidry’s journey from being known as “the wife of” to becoming a trailblazing entrepreneur and advocating for women’s empowerment displays the power of resilience and self-belief. SpoiledLatina continues to be a force of positive change, lifting up women and encouraging them to embrace who they are, love themselves, and understand their true worth. As Yvonne continues to lead by example, her impact on women, communities, and the world at large is nothing short of remarkable.

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