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Erykah Badu Apologized for Posting from Obama’s Private Birthday Party



Erykah Badu has posted apologies after sharing a video from Obama’s private birthday party

Singer Erykah Badu apologized for breaking the no-recording rule and posting on Instagram during 60th Obama’s private birthday party at Martha’s Vineyard. During the event, Erykah had been posting videos with the former President on the dance floor.


Erykah Badu offered apologies on Twitter: “Mr. And Mrs. Obama Please forgive me 4 being the “terrible guest “at such a sacred event for your family. I was so inconsiderate, Thank you for all your love. What an example of ‘how NOT ‘to be …… erica.” Erykah has also removed the videos from social media. She also said offering an apology is the “right thing” to do.

Backlash on the Right

Right-wing media and talking heads are intensely commenting on the news. Fox News-related New York Post wrote an article. They also presented a whole range of “comments from “outraged” detractors who, under the hashtag #ObamaVariant, bashed the 44th commander-in-chief for hosting the jam-packed jamboree.”

Those “Comments” are mainly located on Twitter, often belong to right-wing affiliates, and usually involve a question of the former President not wearing a mask.

Around a week ago, the announcement of Obama’s birthday party had already caused controversy. Chair of the House Republican Conference Rep., Elise Stefanik, had said, “This is what socialism looks like.”

In Rep. Stefanik’s opinion, “socialism” is “unscientific mask mandates and more lockdowns, while President Obama is hosting over 500 elites at his Martha’s Vineyard mansion.” Rep. Andy Biggs had also offered to “imagine if this party was for Trump.”

Bigg’s tweet responded to the earlier White House’s statement, ensuring that President Obama had taken all the precautions and followed the general safety guidelines. Obama also had to cut guests from 500 to 200 due to the rapid spreading of the Delta Variant.  

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Written by Nikita Serdiuk | IG: @nikitasrdk | Twitter: @nktserdiuk

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