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Fetty Wap’s Baby’s Mother, Lezhae Zeona Trends with Tik Tok Dis



Fetty Wap’s Baby’s Mother is blowing up headlines for dissing the rapper with a trending Tik Tok Meme. Lezhae Zeona, who has two children with Wap, recently posted a scathing but hilarious meme on Tik Tok that’s got all social media talking.

Zeona (Wap’s Baby Mother) Takes Advantage of Opportunity.

One of the most popular trends on Tik Tok is the Mama, Papa; I’m here meme. This trend consists of a meme where individuals post a photo of themselves and their significant other followed by their offspring. The purpose is to demonstrate what results when two come together. However, when Zeona created her Tik Tok, she had something different in mind.

Zeona Uses Tik Tok as Ammunition.

According to HipHopDX, Zeona posted a photo of herself and a ghost before revealing her and Wap’s offspring, indicating that the artist is virtually non-existent regarding parenting–talking about a sucker punch. However, this isn’t unexpected behavior. Zeona has made it clear how she feels about Fetty Wap when it comes to their children.

Zeona, Don’t Play That.

In the article, it details how Zeona went in on Wap in her 2020 Instagram post. She didn’t let up. According to the source, in her Instagram post, she said,

“Don’t have children with f*ckin failures.”

Then, when Zeona’s followers thought she was through, she returned for more. Now it’s 2021, and she is still sticking it to the artist. So apparently, she is not letting it go. And if anything, the most recent Tik Tok indicates that she is beyond fed up.

Fetty’s Response.

Many are undoubtedly shaking their heads this morning. And quite a few are probably waiting to see if the rapper will hit back. As of now, there’s been no response from Wap. And if the rapper did respond to Zeona, nothing has been reported yet. So, he might not say anything at all. After all, he does have bigger things to worry about.

 Problems on Display

Wap’s parenting skills aren’t the only thing under the spotlight. Currently, Fetty Wap is also facing significant criminal charges. And according to a source, he is awaiting trial. However, he’s got a little more waiting to do. His trial date has been delayed due to negotiations involving a plea deal. But if the rapper comments, FM Hip Hop will provide the coverage.

Are you interested in reading about Fetty Wap’s response to facing prison? Then read FM Hip Hop’s retrospective article.

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Written by Renae Richardson


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