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Flesh of Bone Thugs and Harmony Issues a Word of Caution to Nelly



After Nelly’s recent performance in Australia and the release of video footage that has gone viral, fellow cohort, Flesh-N-Bone, issues some words of caution

Nelly recently performed in Australia but what should have been a standard set seemed to take a turn. A fan recorded the artists in action, highlighting some odd behaviorisms. The video quickly circulated, stemming quite the reaction on social media. One tweeter even posed the question, “Is Nelly possessed.”


Nelly’s off-brand behavior even had some parodying and spoofing the antics. However, not everyone is taking it jokingly. Flesh-N-Bone (aka Stanley Howse) of Bone Thugs and Harmony is one of those people.

Questionable Behavior

Reportedly after seeing the video of Nelly Flesh-N-Bone recognized some very telling behavioral patterns. He took it upon himself to issue a warning to the artist. This was the warning Howse put forth,

“Nelly, you too good to be on that type of shit, man. It kinda threw you off. I’ve never seen you like that. You might want to take the dose down a lil bit.

Digging Beneath Flesh’s Words

Going off those words alone, it is evident that Howse believes that the use of substances is behind Nelly’s off-putting mannerisms. But one could also glean that he has the performer’s best interest at heart. Making fun of one’s behavior is one thing, but calling out troubling signs when you see them is another. This is what Howse was doing here.

But Flesh didn’t leave it at that. Instead, he used the minute spotlight he had been given to reach out to others. According to Flesh, he’s sober and urges others to consider sobriety as well.

Undeniable Toxicity

There is no denying that substance abuse is deadly. There have been many who have succumbed, leaving hurt and disillusionment in the process. In his statements, Howse also pointed out his proximity to others who have tragically lost their lives due to substance abuse. And he lifted up the tragic loss of Gangsta Boo as a sobering reminder.  But most importantly, he used his history as an example.


Flesh: Being the Example

Sometimes people talk, but there is little power in their message. This is because they don’t live the life they talk about. However, this is not the case in this situation. Howse does not deny his history of drug use. But he honestly exposes his past weaknesses and makes a declaration regarding his journey on the path of being free of the habitual lifestyle. And experience goes a long way in delivering a message with impact.

In Conclusion

There is currently no confirmation that Nelly was on anything. The only proof that something was off was his antics. Nevertheless, it’s good to know that others are looking out and have your best interest at heart. Because in a world where such could be so quickly glossed over, mocked, and manipulated for one’s detriment, Howse chose to look out. Let’s only hope that there are more like him waiting in the wings to offer sound counsel when most needed.

Written by Renae Richardson

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