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FM Interviews: Rican Da Menace Discuses Where She’s From, and Where She’s Headed



Rican Da Menace by Whipalo
via Instagram @ricandamenace

Baltimore’s own Rican Da Menace made her rap debut only a few years ago, and she’s already making major moves.


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Rican Da Menace first came out swinging releasing several snippets of her rapping on social media throughout 2020 and 2021. Like many artists who found themselves during the pandemic, she quickly mastered the art of utilizing social media as a marketing tool. Rican strategically used Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok to develop her sound and further attract an audience she already amassed during her time as a nail tech.

“We all know the truth ’bout you

Don’t gotta lie to kick it (don’t lie)

Please stop calling me a female rapper

Bitch, im comin different ”

– ‘I Admit It’ by Rican Da Mencae (2022)

In February 2022 she secured a multi-million dollar record deal with BuVision Entertainment/Out The Jungle and Columbia Records. This is a massive feat for a rapper still in the infancy of their career.

Since then the model and social media personality has released two official singles on streaming services, ‘I Admit It’ and ‘Ain’t Going Back’. With the local support backing her up, and female rap’s recent boom in popularity, it seems like only a matter of time until this East Coast MC is on national stages.

As her other singles ‘Bus Fare’, ‘Youngest And Richest’, ‘Greenlight Gang’, and ‘Everything Fast’ continue to rack up views by the day, Rican Da Menace is proving she has something to say.

This stellar 21-year-old artist is combining that signature Baltimore sound with her own distinct flow and confident personality to bring something fresh to the table. Find out how Rican Da Menace came to be, and what projects she has coming up in our exclusive interview below!


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Written By: Dreema Carrington 

An ambitious young journalist from Baltimore, Maryland with a passion for releasing candid and accurate information to the public. Has experience in broadcast, reporting, and editing. Always strives to make stories unique and captivating while telling the truth. Currently pursuing a Bachelors Degree in Broadcast Journalism.

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