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FM Interviews: So Gaudy On Recovering From The Accident, Work Ethic



So Gaudy On The Accident, Work Ethic
So Gaudy

So Gaudy’s story is somewhat tragic yet very motivating and has a happy ending. Doctors told the “Oh Well” author that he would not be able to walk again after a 14-wheeler rear-ended him. Instead, So Gaudy fully recovered and now records songs while running a music studio. 

So Gaudy’s Recovery

Despite the doctors’ pessimistic predictions, the right mindset was one of the most significant reasons for So Gaudy to recover fully. 

“I was in recovery, and the only thing I could think of was going harder, not letting anything discourage me, and just knowing that things would get back to normal… I didn’t have no surgery, and I didn’t have no fusions, no. None of that. Because all that stuff is what makes you, what makes you [need to] get even more [surgeries and fusions]. 

Look, hospitals and doctors only make money by selling you prescriptions and by giving you surgery. Our bodies are perfect computers. So when something breaks, and it’s perfect, you just let mother nature do its job, and it will all be okay. It’ll fix itself. It’s 50/50. Your mind, your body, 50. Your mind, 50, your body, 50. I’m not big on letting things that happen to me in life stop me.”

The Work Ethic

Aside from making music, So Gaudy is also an entrepreneur. 

“I sell clothing, and I own a music studio,” the “Like Me” artist told me. He also suggested that the new entrepreneurs “work hard, stay consistent, never give up.

Don’t listen to the doubters. So you listen to a doubter telling you, “you can’t do this, and you can’t do that.” That’s manifesting those thoughts in your mind. So the manifestation in your mind of someone telling you “no” and you keep thinking about [that] “no,” it’s going to fuck you up, it’s going to mess you up. So I mean a couple of things: work hard, don’t listen to the doubters, listen to yourself and never give up. Never give up on your dream. As soon as you give up on your dream, you are probably right around the corner from your success.”

So Gaudy’s Favorite Artists & The Biggest Role Model

“My favorite artist, I would say, DMX. I would say Wiz Khalifa is a really dope favorite artist of mine, I would say. 

New artists today that inspire me and [whom I find] really dope? I would say, Babyface Ray. Who else am I bumping in the car all the time? Me, me, and me. (Laughing) You know what I’m talking about? Straight up.”

So Gaudy’s most significant role model is also him himself. “Every time I fuck up, or I fuck something up— I know not to go do that shit again. You know what I’m saying? Yeah, straight up.”

Watch So Gaudy’s “Oh Well” Music Video Below

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