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FM Interviews: Spence Lee About The New Single, Upcoming Mixtape, Future Plans



Spence Lee About Single, Mixtape, Plans
Spence Lee.

“Foundation” by Spence Lee is a trippy music video, with the artist reflecting in the motorcycle’s side mirror while rapping lines like “stack stick together like legos.” The clip is overall full of surreal scenes and creative lines like the one mentioned or “rollin'” Osama Runtz, we gon’ detonate it.” At the same time, there is certainly an aesthetic to the video, and one can feel an overall vibe. According to Spence himself, the track is “a hard-hitting beat. It’s leaning towards the trap sound. Like energy, energy music. Real bossed up. It’s real.”

Spence’s Upcoming Mixtape

Spence Lee is also currently working on a mixtape. According to Spence, “It’s gonna be real eclectic. I got a lot of different vibes on it: R&B, Dancehall, Afrobeats. I got some classic hip hop beats on it, some, um, electronic kind of electronic-turn music on there. It’s not EDM; it’s just different, different styles. And then also a lot of live instruments. So it’s real, it is real versatile. It’s a really eclectic, warm, uplifting kind of project. It’s dope, though.”

Not too many collaborations are going to appear on the records. However, there is a feature with Slim Jxmmi, while “Mike WiLL produced many of the songs there too. And then one of my constant collaborators that I always work with, his name is Kakuyon, is doing live instruments on there, live guitar, live bass keys.”

The Plans In The Works

After releasing the mixtape, Spence has many plans on the list. He says, “I’m trying to organize a tour, do a bunch of release events. I got a lot of visuals coming out, a lot of merch. I’m all about product. I’m just trying to put out good music, you know, go on a tour and give something for the audience. Like a dope show that I can just, you know, share my music with as many people as I can. I haven’t been on my own tour yet. I’ve always, like, been a supporting act, and I’ve always done festivals and stuff, but I, I do wanna take time to tap in with my core audience and really just go out there and tap in with them directly.”

Spence is also planning to release music videos for every song on his upcoming mixtape. “there’s 11 songs on the project. And I just want to get creative with the visuals and just present every song with creative and museum quality stuff.”

The main message Spence Lee is trying to send with his music is that of believing in yourself. “Self-belief and self-improvement,” Spence says. “Can turn dreams into reality… I’ve been doing music since 2009, right? I didn’t have my first viral song until 2016, right? And then now we’re in 2024, you know what I mean? And I’m still just self-improving. I’m still always constantly looking within seeing what I can, how I can, um, improve myself.”

Spence also believes that one should have faith in one’s heart and use it to spread love.


Written by Nikita Serdiuk | IG: @nikitasrdk | Twitter: @nktserdiuk

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