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#FM Sports Talk: MLB to Have 60 Game Season



Play Ball: MLB Season to Start in Late July

As the country opens up in phases, the boys of summer will return as well. Major League Baseball will have a 60 game season. Each team will play 40 division games and 20 interleague games against the corresponding division( East vs. East / West vs. West).   The MLB season will start either July 23rd or 24th with the first game to be the Yankees vs the defending World Series Champs the Nationals.  Every team will have a 30 man roster, which will be trimmed to 26 and 60 man taxi squad of players available to play at a moments notice.

Several National players celebrate in the dugout after a home run. Photo via Instagram: @Nationals 


New Rules For 2020 MLB Season


  •  10 games vs. each divisional opponent and 4 games vs. regional interleague oppoents
  • No more pitchers batting as the designated hitter comes to the National League
  • August 31st trade deadline
  • Automatic runner on second base in extra innings
  • Spring Training 2.0 to start extra innings
  • Players tested for COVID-19 every other day
  • Full prorated pay for players.

Mets First Baseman Pete Alonso watches a Home Run ball leave the yard. Photo via Instagram: Mets

Final Thoughts

We should expect a full schedule release in the following weeks. The playoff format will remain the same. Players will need 2 negative tests 24 hours apart, no fever for 72 hour.s and completon of antibody test to return to the field if the test positive for the coronavirus. I can’t wait for baseball to start, but it would be bittersweet if my Mets win the title and there is no parade due to COVID-19.

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