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FM Spotlight: OJ Da Juiceman – “Use My Wrist”



OJ Da Juiceman – "Use My Wrist"
The cover of "Use My Wrist" by OJ Da Juiceman.

OJ Da Juiceman is back in the booth and his latest release, “Use My Wrist,” is reminiscent of the piano-laden early trap that laid the foundation for the genre’s dominance today. @Jreidtheproducer brings the mid-2000s into 2022, also with a sound that’s familiar and refreshing.

The song has been garnering positive reception from listeners. Many see it as a great return to form, with excitement for what’s to come.

In particular, people have expressed praise for the cover art. A throwback to the creative mixtape artwork that rose in popularity during the mid-2000s to early 2010s. The Rolex as a stove-top is also a nice touch. This single is the complete package of nostalgia for the hip-hop lovers who grew up in the era of mixtape downloads, mp3 players, and CD mixes.

Back Like He Never Left

Although OJ Da Juiceman hasn’t seen much radio play since he had us singing along about fractions and mimicking his ad-lib “Aye,” he’s consistently released music. In 2021, OJ Da Juiceman also released “Alaska n Atlanta 3” and “Lost Tapes,” executive produced by Zaytoven. 

OJ Da Juiceman Performing

In 2020, OJ DA Juiceman also partnered with Zaytoven and Yung LA for the “Zone Connect” project. Since OJ first made a significant impact, he has fed his fanbase plenty of singles and projects to feast on. Things are looking very bright for the “Bricks” rapper as he enters 2023 with a new management team.

No Jumper Interview

Last week, OJ sat down with No Jumper for an in-depth interview about his career. They also discussed OJ’s friendship with Gucci Mane and the many conflicts that arose.

In the interview with Adam-22, OJ was genuine, provided great insight into his personality, and let us see why he’s always managed to captivate listeners. Overall, it’s a great interview that proves he’s one of the most grounded artists with an unmatched hustle.

Written By: Malcolm “Laidback Mack” Morrow | Instagram: mack_stay_manifesting | Twitter: @_laidbackmack_

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