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#FMSpotlight: Bianca Sheko – “I’m Tired” (Listen)



Listen: Bianca Sheko – “I’m Tired

Michigan-based songstress Bianca Sheko uses her soulful register to touch on many topics that affect us both internally and externally. Since the age of two, Sheko has been singing and has integrated this talent with her love for music. In like manner, she has created velvety renditions to popular hits like Russ’ “Pyscho Pt. 2” and Billie Eilish’s “Bitches Broken Heart.” Not to mention, she does diligence in staying engaged with crowds worldwide. 

More recently, Sheko dropped a single titled “I’m Tired.” The track was co-written by Magi Camajwho is a New-York based entertainment attorney, 15x author, writer, and songwriter. 

Carrying an atmospheric soundscape that’s led by a sweet piano loop, “I’m Tired” sees Sheko expressing how her “minds at war and I’m stuck in place.” Between lyrics, she laments about battling inner demons. The reason for this newfound pain stems from cutting ties with someone who meant the world to her. 

You’re with someone who can feed your heart/With a love that won’t let it starve/Oh I’m praying/Cause I’ve been sitting here with broken pieces/Weak bones I don’t know what peace is/I need another place need to escape,” she sings. 

As the song continues, Sheko gives some intel on what kind of person she is. Given the context clues, the musician is one who wears her heart on her sleeve. Additionally, Sheko goes on to say, “If you let me down, I’d still be underneath you,” only proving that she is open to understanding one’s flaws and all. Though she unveils that finding the light at the end of the tunnel is difficult, Sheo assures that she’ll keep a fighting spirit. Vocally, Sheko uses a register slightly akin to Snoh Aalegra.

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“The song is a heart-gripping track that touches upon mental health and how someone goes through so much in their life, getting quite draining,” Sheko and Camaj add.

If you want to know how to support someone with depression, click here.

Listen to “I’m Tired” by Bianca Sheko below:

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