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#FMSpotlight: Face D’Ville — ‘Creep Slow’



"Creep Slow" By Face D'Ville — #FM Spotlight
The cover of Face D'Ville's "Creep Slow" mixtape. Image source: YouTube.

Face D’Ville’s new mixtape Creep Slow is experimental. Its overall sound is somewhat a mixture of FKJ and SpaceGhostPurrp.

The trap/phonk/R&B record contains 10 tracks. Most of the songs balance between being a banger and a ballad. Sometimes, however, the sound shifts towards a specific end. OG Section, for example, certainly lacks in the feelings department, coldly (in a good way) presenting a story instead. Meanwhile, Interstate is right above the OG Section on the record. At the same time, it offers an entirely different picture and emotional setting.

For the other songs, most of them keep the balance, being both emotional and lit. There are also a lot of experiments.

Face D’Ville grew up in a small Atlanta town. “At one point, we were named the brokest city in America. It’s a small but deceptively violent place,” the artist shared. “Columbus is an odd place to grow up. It has a population comparable to some larger cities (210k), but it’s incredibly under-industrialized. It used to be a military and a mill town, but now all of the mills are gone.”

How does one’s hometown intercept their artwork?

How Does Creep Slow Sound?

There definitely is a feeling of nostalgia coming through the record. Creep Slow also appeals to such sound tricks as making the instrumental sound like an old radio transmitter and/or a vinyl record. Just like the radio transmitters and vinyl, the industrial machines of Face D’Ville’s hometown remained with the history.

The mixtape’s overall sound is rustic. However, it works out in the artist’s favor, adding to the project’s mood.

Moreover, such an approach to the record goes along with the artist’s perception of his artwork. “I care nothing about fame,” Face D’Ville claims. Money also doesn’t seem to interest him too much. He wants to be “not rich, but [only] comfortable. My motivation is not money. It’s all about the love of music.”

Listen to Creep Slow by Face D’Ville below:

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Written by Nikita Serdiuk | IG: @nikitasrdk | Twitter: @nktserdiuk

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