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#FMSpotlight: Journey Montana – “Used To It (feat. Fergie Baby)” (Watch)




Journey Montana demonstrates that her love & loyalty run deep for a special someone in “Used To It.” 

The peppy trap soul production pairs perfectly with Montana’s silky range & vulnerable lyrics. The singer drives the narrative of mending a heart that she didn’t break. In return, all she asks for is undivided devotion. What matters is their future. Former flames are a thing of the past. 

Long as you mean it when you say/You need me/Just don’t leave me,” she sings. “And I don’t care about the past/Leave it where it’s at/I won’t go lookin’ for nothing/Don’t keep secrets/I believe in you.” 


Since she’s taken a chance on love, her sweetheart has reciprocated this energy through lavish gifts & emotional pampering. Haters can sit on the sidelines because there’s no breaking up this union!

He got me a Rollie, it’s a bustdown/I could see they mad that I’m up now,” Journey Montana expresses. “He be catchin’ plays like a touchdown/Can’t believe what it was is what it is now.” 

Journey admits that this love language is foreign to her. Yet, still, she’s taking their soul connection by the horns. 

Fergie Baby’s top-tier bars signify the male’s POV. The rapper uses a laid-back cadence to express why he’s never letting her go. Men who slept on Journey’s extraordinary qualities as a girlfriend are in for a wake-up call. No matter how long it takes, Fergie vows to remain patient as she works through the pain inflicted by previous suitors. 

I know your trust is severed/I’m just tryna make you comfortable (I’m here),” he spits. 

Fergie Baby

The rest of Fergie’s verse finds the rapper speaking about his generous gift-giving. He extends a promise to ride for her ’till the wheels fall off.

He delivers, “The nails & hair are done up, in designer with some butters (Facts)/Shorty, if you ride for me, I promise I’m a ride for you/Soulmate to the fullest, shit, I know when I’m inside you (Uh-huh)/Hard for you to trust, I blame your ex, I ain’t gon’ lie to you.” 

Journey Montana & Fergie Baby

Journey Montana grew up in the streets of New York. She started singing when she was young at 13-years-old. Now, Montana is walking in her family’s footsteps of being in the music industry. This singer-songwriter also took her skills to another level by landing a role in the tv show All American. 

Watch the music video for “Used To It (feat. Fergie Baby) below:

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