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Toot – “Hustlers Ambition” (Listen)



Listen: Toot – “Hustlers Ambition

Kendrick Graves, widely known as Toot, is a 23-year-old rapper, lyricist, and storyteller. The Mississippi native discovered his gift of gab, following a heartbreak and battling depression. His healing derived from music’s transparency. Ultimately the craft behind creating standout records served as an outlet and a spark for his songwriting and storytelling. With over four years of musical expertise under his belt, Toot provides listeners with a strong suit of bangers from a fresh perspective. 

In the span of his career, Toot has garnered traction from singles like “Back Tight” (2019) and projects such as 109, also released in 2019. He’s also received great feedback on social media because of his freestyle prowess- many of which created opportunities for recognition from well-known artists like Omeretta, the City Girls, and Yella Beezy, to name a few! 

Listeners can expect new music and content from Toot soon. Not just because he is currently constructing a first quarter project, but because of his goal to continue to work hard, progress, and become the best rapper, dead or alive.

For now, Toot’s single “Hustlers Ambition” should hold fans over. Clocking in at two minutes and thirteen seconds, the somber-like trap offering finds the wordsmith detailing what happens when you spend “a day in the neighborhood.” He also speaks about his number one supporter, the person who pushed him to keep on making music. In a word, Toot and this individual share a bond that could never be broken. 

He spits, “Bro told me keep rapping and that sh*t paying off/And he don’t like to see me trap and he still see me playing ball.”

As the song continues, we learn that Toot was involved in activities that could’ve put him at risk, but his family and friends urged him to stop before it was too late. But, the rapper iterates that he can always fend for himself. The reason that he kept at it was because of the money he received. Regardless of how much he was banking in on, Toot advises others that everything isn’t as it seems. 

These streets ain’t friendly/I’m only out here for a dollar shit I’d take a hundred pennies,” he delivers. 

What truly came to the rescue was the pen and pad.

He admits, “Probably would’ve been crashed if I didn’t meet lyrics/She give me guidance and somehow she understands how I’m livin’/She know this hustlin’ ain’t forever, she believes in my vision.”

Listen to “Hustlers Ambition” by Toot below:


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