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#FMSpotlight: Yung Xavi – “Shawty Bumpin”



Listen: Yung Xavi – “Shawty Bumpin

Yung Xavi is destined to be one of 2020s emerging rappers. Already getting a co-sign from DJ Enuff, Yung Xavi intends to put the proof in the pudding as to why he’s an artist to watch for with his first-ever song, “Shawty Bumpin.” 

Clocking in at nearly three minutes, “Shawty Bumpin” is a high-energy, bell-led hip-hop offering produced by platinum-selling hip-hop producer J Beatzz, who has worked with Travis ScottNicki Minaj, and Big Boi, to name a few. The lyrics find Yung Xavi expressing his feelings toward a girl who “caught my [his] eye and there’s no doubt about it.” Vocally, the musician delivers his rhymes in an auto-croon. 

Shawty something she may be my lover,” Yung Xavi spits before realizing that he’s sprung. And given the song’s plot, it seems like the feeling is mutual. 

In the second verse, the rock/hip-hop artist speaks about his charm and money-making abilities. Additionally, he addresses the envy that permeates around him because of these two qualities. “I be getting hundreds, knowing you be hating,” he raps along with “never catch me lackin/so why the oppas playin aye (huh).”

“I’m very excited to bring my versatility and creativity to music lovers and look forward to taking listeners on a journey that reflects my passion for creating music based on real-life experiences,” says Yung Xavi. 

“Shawty Bumpin” will serve as a single off his forthcoming album, To Jonathan, a dedication to his father. 

“Music helped my dad cope with his life. I started making music to cope with what I was dealing with. If I make songs that the whole world is blasting, maybe he’ll hear it in heaven,” he continues. 

Watch the lyric video for “Shawty Bumpin” below:

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