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#FMTrends: ASAP Ferg Breaks Down his Family Tree on “Family”





ASAP Ferg Breaks Down his Family Tree on “Family”

You won’t know where you’re going if you don’t know where you came from! ASAP Ferg came through and broke down his entire family tree on his latest release “Family” which is a joint project with Hennessy. The Joint project is being launched as a cocktail kit which is accompanied by the new single “Family”.

“My mama always caught me in and out with a shorty, she beat me for actin’ naughty,” he raps. “And my daddy, he a savage / Fucking bitches, the baddest, and buy a whip just to crash it.”

Family tradition is everything and this Collab with Hennessy is a great way to demonstrate that.

ASAP Ferg shared the artwork for the single on Instagram and said  “is a painting that I created inspired by my Still Striving album cover and Never stop. Never settle. story.”

Reminiscing about how his mom used to curse him out in public and how his dad came through in a Benzo with a matching fur coat, Ferg is grateful for the love he has received. “Life’s a tight rope, the fam gave me balance,” 


Family is really everything, that’s your foundation and how you build your views in life. Whether you choose to follow your families traditions or decide your family is what you know you don’t want to be like.; each member matters. We don’t get to pick our family but no matter what you have to respect the Family Tree!!



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