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#FMTrends: Casanova 2X Got The Streets “Set Trippin” With New Video [Link]



Photo Credit: YouTube/WSHH

Casanova 2X Got The Streets “Set Trippin” With New Video

Much love FM Trendsetters!  If you been on social media since last weekend, you probably seen a lot of memes and videos of people getting hyped and making a mockery of gang banging or fake gang banging, screaming out “Punch you in the face muhf****r , I’ll knock your teeth out/ Every time I come through n***a I got my heat out/…..See you with that red flag on, what that be ’bout?“.  You might have also heard “Who brought you home, how you turned Blood (Gang), who loc’d you in, how you turn Cuzz (Crip)?”  Well, time to give you the source behind it. Roc Nation‘s own Casanova and his new street banger “Set Trippin“.

Photo Credit: YouTube/WSHH

This track is by far the most hardest track in the streets right now and got everybody going crazy.  I honestly have not seen this many gang bang mockery since it was popular in the early 2000s, with everyone doing the “Crip Walk” or incorporating it in dance routines. But as Casanova expresses in this song, this is not the lifestyle you want to mimic, or you will get “G-checked” or “set tripped” on.


Photo Credit: YouTube/WSHH

The video is just as dangerous as the track.  Members of Crip and Blood gang sets from Brooklyn, NY run the video.  You see mostly red bandannas, with a little blue here and there.  Casanova waves a hard steel bat with a red bandanna tied on it, and you see a whole bunch of gorilla masks  and dark colored clothing.

Photo Credit: YouTube/WSHH

According to media wide speculation including DJ Akademiks, the track was a warning track towards new upcoming artist and fellow Brooklynite, Tekashi 6ix9ine.  The colorful new rapper recently dissed the Roc Nation emcee live on stage, and members of his crew tried to square up with Casanova outside the venue as well.  Because Tekashi 6ix9ine openly represents the 9 Trey set of the Bloods, but according to some pictures circling the media, he use to represent the Crips, this was fuel to the fire that Casanova needed for this track, which supports the claims that this was intentionally a diss track.




Check out the street banger “Set Trippin” by Casanova by clicking here




Source: Worldstar Hip Hop YouTube Channel/DJ Akademiks YouTube Channel


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