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#FMTrends: “Leaving Neverland” Trailer Drops



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The Leaving Neverland Trailer Leaves Michael Jackson Fans Shocked

Michael Jackson will always be one of the most notable names in music. From his iconic “Thriller” music video to his Pepsi commercial, he is known to many generations as a musical legend and of course, the King of Pop. With his amount of fame, scandals bound to appear and take the spot light for a little bit. Nearly 10 years after Jackson’s passing, HBO is releasing a documentary surrounding one of his scandals titled Leaving Neverland.

March 3rd and 4th is the planned release date for Leaving Neverland. The documentary is less about Jackson and more about the story of two young boys who befriended him. The two now grown men, share their eerily similar stories about Jackson allegedly abusing them.  It follows the men’s friends and families and how they are coping with the supposed tragedy. The trailer is as dark as one might imagine. It features photos of Jackson with children, while a victim’s voiceover recalls their side of what happened 30 years ago.

Critics have praised Leaving Neverland for its harrowing story telling, but a rep for the estate called it “another lurid production in an outrageous and pathetic attempt to exploit and cash in on Michael Jackson“. Many Jackson fans are outraged that HBO has taken part in such slander since there is little to no evidence that is working in the alleged victims favor.

What do you think about HBO’s participation in producing the documentary?

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Sources: Youtube, Rolling Stone

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