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Former Housekeeper Sues Chris Brown Over Dog Attack



Chris Brown’s former housekeeper is suing over an alleged dog attack that left her bloodied and injured.

Chris Brown’s legal saga continues. A new lawsuit filed in Los Angeles county states that the singer’s dog Hades viciously mauled his former housekeeper on December 12, 2020. The housekeeper claims that she was taking out the trash when a dog came out of nowhere and proceeded to attack her. This attack caused her massive physical damage that required life-saving surgery, the lawsuit claims.

The details stated in the lawsuit are graphic.

What does the lawsuit claim?

The lawsuit claims that the Jane Doe plaintiff was “screaming in terror and calling out for help”, yet no one came to her aid. Making things all the more upsetting is the claim that Brown and his security detail were home at the time. Despite their being home, no one responded to her pleas, as large chunks of flesh on her arms and face were torn away.

Eventually, Brown came outside. It is unknown what compelled him to do this. According to the plaintiff’s lawyer, Nancy Doumanian, “Brown approach[ed] her, standing over her, as he speaks into his cellphone.” Whether or not the attack had actually stopped by then is also unknown.

Disposing of the evidence

The lawsuit goes on to claim that Brown then ordered his security team to get rid of the evidence. The evidence in this case, being Brown’s dog, Hades. Allegedly, members of the security team drove some six-hundred miles north to Humboldt County, CA and dumped the dog.

On December 18, law enforcement in Miranda, CA got news of a stray dog and investigated. Using the microchip within Hades, they traced the dog back to Brown’s address.

Following this, Brown surrendered the dog and it was euthanized in Humboldt County for aggressive behavior on December 24.

Neither Brown nor his representative have responded to the lawsuit at this time.


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