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FrankHaveMercy: A Q&A Interview



FrankHaveMercy/ Credit: YouTube - Electric Heaven (live)

FrankHaveMercy will be releasing his new EP, Endless Summer, on July 22. The man behind the camera has decided to pursue a new dream. Frank has decided to expand his talents and chase a music career. This next journey in his life is just another opportunity for him to express himself to the world.

FrankHaveMercy is working hard to promote Endless Summer. He recently sat down with a writer from the FMHipHop team and answered some questions.

Q&A With FrankHaveMercy


How did you get the name FrankHaveMercy?

FrankHaveMercy loves movies like 300 and Gladiator. Both movies were instant classics that so many people loved, including Frank. The theme of mercy or having no mercy continuously shows up in movies like 300, which was always interesting to FrankHaveMercy. This is what directly inspired his name. Combining his first name with his love for themes in historic action movies created the name FrankHaveMercy.

What inspired your new EP?

FrankHaveMercy wanted the EP to be relaxed and simple. The vibe created for the EP matches the title. Endless Summer is something “you can vibe with your girl or when you’re at the crib by yourself.” It’s perfect for any summertime event.

Frank worked hard on the EP while in Cabo. Mexico is a unique place to be and its environment is a vibe all on its own. He captured this vibe and uses it to create the foundation for his EP. FrankHaveMercy was able to escape and focus all his energy on his project.

It was easy for FrankHaveMercy to form the EP because he didn’t force anything. Endless Summer came from where FrankHaveMercy was in his life. He captured this moment and now fans get to experience it with him. Frank will enjoy letting his fans inside of his bubble.


FrankHaveMercy/ Credit: 1989 Studio(clothing brand)

What is your favorite track on Endless Summer?

For FrankHaveMercy, choosing his favorite track was hard. I still shot the question his way.

In My Head, which will drop before the EP is released, is what he went with.

The song is about how Frank can’t get a girl out of his head; a topic that many people can relate to. When someone lives in your head rent-free, it’s hard to evict them. Especially, if that person has made a major impact on your heart.

What are your favorite collaborations from the EP?

FrankHaveMercy was willing to talk about his favorite collaborations on Endless Summer. He first mentioned working with Bjrnck, who Frank calls, “an extremely talented artist.” FrankHaveMercy sent Bjrnck the beat and she went crazy on it.

He also enjoyed working with Wurld, an artist from Nigeria, which is home to many unique and special artists. FrankHaveMercy needed this uniqueness on his EP and he got it. The track came without much work.


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How do you feel about stepping out from behind the scenes into the spotlight?

FrankHaveMercy feels that his decision to make music came naturally. He didn’t aspire to be a musician growing up, but when creating music became a passion he didn’t run from it. He fully embraced it.

FrankHaveMercy is not new to working in the entertainment industry. He has worked behind the scenes for years, giving him incredible insight into the industry. Frank understands the aesthetics needed to create great projects.

Other artists have started in the background and when they stepped into the spotlight, they were unstoppable. FrankHaveMercy is on that same trajectory.

What was it like performing at your first show?

FrankHaveMercy made a big step in his music career. He performed for the first time in Los Angeles at the Peppermint Club. The moment was surreal for him. Friends, peers, and family all showed up to support him including his mom. Every artist remembers the first time they stepped on a stage. FrankHaveMercy will always remember his first show.

What does FrankHaveMercy have going on after Endless Summer drops?

FrankHaveMercy has plans to perform on several stages after the EP is released. Miami and Texas are on the list and FrankHaveMercy will put his heart into each performance. He also is expected to perform at the Soho house on July 22, the same day Endless Summer will be released.



At this point in the interview, FrankHaveMercy became the driving force behind the conversation. He showed no hesitation as he began speaking.

FrankHaveMercy was ready to invite me to one of his shows in California but I was unable to attend. Then he wanted to know where I was located. I told him Texas, and he then proceeded to invite me to his show in Texas.

After, Frank started talking about the time he spent in Texas. He revealed that he was stationed there while serving in the Army. This came after he spent some time in Afghanistan. He learned discipline during his time in the military, which he now applies to other aspects of his life and career. FrankHaveMercy has a drive that is inspiring and unmatched. The Army pushed this out of him and it never left him.

Is there anything you want your fans to know about you?

FrankHaveMercy wants his fans to know that he has a work ethic that is rarely seen. He has no plans of stopping until he reaches the top of the music game. He wants to be a mogul in the industry. His mission is to have the Drake’s and Ye’s as peers. Frank believes that he will work extremely hard until it pays off.

Where can fans get the EP?

Endless Summer will be on every major platform. Fans can also find FrankHaveMercy on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram by searching his name. To find him on TikTok, search FrankHaveMercyOfficial. Make sure you follow all his social media accounts to stay updated on his career.

FrankHaveMercy wants to reach someone with his music every day. No matter if it’s one person or a thousand his, mission is the same. The driving force behind his music is to touch people. FrankHaveMercy was grateful for the interview but the FMHipHop team is grateful that he trusted us to interview him. We wish him great success.


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