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Freddie Gibbs vs DJ Akademiks: Twitter Beef Or Real Beef



Freddie Gibbs and DJ Akademiks veer off in a long-standing Twitter beef: Photo: HipHop24x7.

In this modern age of music journalism, it’s easier than ever for writers, podcasters, and YouTubers to have direct access to the musicians they cover. While this can prove to be a positive thing with interviews being more in-depth and honest and less based in PR, it can also birth some nasty feuds. Blogger DJ Akademiks has had his fair share of conflict, Vic Mensa, Wale, and Meek Mill being just a few examples. However, his contention with Indiana rapper Freddie Gibbs appears to be the most heated by far.

Falling on the sword for Jeezy

It all began June 2020 after DJ Akademiks caught wind of an interview Gibbs did on the Bootleg Kev podcast. In said interview, he called Jeezy “musically irrelevant”, acknowledging his status as a legend but stating that fans as a whole aren’t checking for his music like they used to.

“I love fam, I love bro, he’s a legend but right now, you’re irrelevant. And what you want to do? You want to fight? You don’t want that. I love you fam, but you can’t,” he said.

Soon after (Jun. 29) Akademiks took to Complex’s YouTube show Everyday Struggle to fire back at the ‘Champagne Glasses’ rapper. “If Jeezy is irrelevant, Freddie Gibbs you’re absolutely irrelevant,” he insisted. Almost immediately Gibbs hopped on Twitter to defend himself.

“I’ll give a bad bitch 5k if they admit to sleeping with @Akademiks,” Gibbs tweeted. And from there an all out war began.

Unexpectedly, a simple hot take on Jeezy unraveled into a nasty argument that still goes on two years later.

Akademiks leaves Complex

In July 2020 Akademiks announced via Twitch stream he was leaving Complex and ending Everyday Struggle. The decision came after a hectic couple of months for the blogger, getting temporarily banned from Twitch after an angry rant directed towards Chrissy Teigen got way out of hand. Of course, Gibbs was quick to react.

He also took to his Instagram story to further taunt Aka. “Akademiks, I heard that you might lose your job. I don’t know if that’s fact or fiction or it might be a rumor… Ak, look, if you need a job, bitch, my offer still stands,” the rapper typed. “Two things gotta be done, hoe ass n***a. We gon’ whoop you first and you gotta tell us where the fuck 6ix9ine be hiding at. You a snitch so I know you’ll snitch this n***a out,” Gibbs went on. He finished with a scathing mockery.

“I take that back. I don’t even wanna know where that n***a at. ‘Cause wherever that n***a at, the feds is at. But, aye pussy, ya unemployment gon’ kick in. Trump givin’ stimulus and small business loans, hoe ass n***a. But we still gon’ whoop you.”

Unlike their last battle, Akademiks made no public response to the verbal lashing.

It was obvious then and now the Alfredo rapper had no interest in making amends.

A revived beef

After the media personality left Complex, things between the two went quiet for about 10 months. That was until Oct. 30 2021 when Gibbs took to Twitter to remind everyone exactly where he stood.

Akademiks reposted a video of New York rappers Kay Flock and Ron Suno getting into a physical fight at Rolling Loud. Freddie then quoted it, adding his own commentary.

“I hope you post it when I run into you,” he tweeted. Of course implying he wants to fight the 30 year old off the net.

Akademiks responded: “U still tweeting? U could came to find me already gangsta.” Referencing the invitation Gibbs received for an interview with No Jumper. Gibbs came back with: “I coulda been smoked akademiks,”

“His hoe gave me his home address months ago. The n-ggaz in LA he was with last week was not gon protect him if I walked in that no jumper interview. I know all of them. God got bigger plans for me but when I get bored I’m back on yo ass. On VL.” He typed.

The online altercation ended with Akademiks telling the Gary artist to “stfu about sh*t u ain’t finna do” and Gibbs lamenting his choice to let things go. That regret wouldnt last for long as the two got right back into it just a short time later.

Only a few days after the Twitter brawl (Nov. 3) Akademiks went on a two minute long rant on Twitch to imply Gibbs was singling him out due to his status as an internet personality. He spoke on Gibbs fleeing from New York after a 2014 shooting, in addition to his tendency to beef over Twitter.

“Acting like you some big bad n-gga because I’m a blogger? You can’t beef with no rapper?” He said angrily. He continued his tirade on Twitter, telling Gibbs to “start spinning” and to “make an example” out of him.

The rapper responded with his own set of fiery tweets, this time making an explicit threat. “Last time u lost your job don’t lose your life trying to make a point you can’t prove.” He typed.

Akademiks ended this argument by bringing up the 2014 shooting that took place in Brooklyn, in addition to Gibbs fathers former occupation as a police officer. He subsequently dropped his location in a now deleted tweet, saying “I’ll be back in LA in two weeks”.

While Aka and Freddie had been fussing for months, this exchange was by far the most brutal. With Gibbs plainly threatening his life, and the blogger making direct demands for him to go through with it, this transformed a petty skirmish to something far more serious.

On “Gangsta Gibbs” end, fans seemed disappointed that the rapper with a proven reputation of gang affiliation is even giving a civilian journalist the attention.

Instagram shuts it down

Later that month (Nov.16) Akademiks had his Instagram page temporarily taken down. That same evening Aka got his page back up and accused Gibbs of reporting it. The accusation came with the waving of a white flag saying, “I don’t want no more smoke with u”.

Thankfully this time the Midwest artists kept it short and sweet in his response.

Evidently, Aka’s truce was extremely short-lived. In fact, the next time he mentioned “Scary Gary” he would take it to a whole new level.

Is a boxing match in the works?

The arch-rivals ended their 2021 with an unusual turn to their time-honored beef. On the Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast (Dec.5), Akademiks confirmed he would be willing to settle everything with a boxing match.

“Most of these dudes try to get these gangsta points off thinking they’re going to bully me,” he said. “Oh you want to box? We can box”

Only a few days later Gibbs publicly accepted the proposal. “Let’s do it” he tweeted. The rapper made it clear he wasn’t bluffing about the match when he starred on the ESPN show Jalen & Jacoby. During his appearance, he confirmed he’s already preparing for the match. “I’m training for a fight right now,” he stated. “I’m a solid 185 pounds. DJ Akademiks a soft 204 pounds so I think that we could make that fight happen.” He continued.

“I don’t want no money. If I win, I just want Akademiks to delete his Instagram and delete his Twitter and leave the rap game,”

As of now, There’s been no official date set for the match. Even so, with how persistent this two-year-long beef has been it would be no surprise if the two actually made it to the ring.

Where are they now?

It should shock no one Freddie Gibbs and Dj Akademiks still harbor hard feelings. Last month (Dec.14) Akademiks mocked the Midwest rapper for allegedly getting beat up by Jim Jones in a series of tweets.

Most recently this year, (Jan. 2) Aka went at Gibbs for leaking his phone number on Instagram.

So why has this beef gone on for so long? Akademiks in particular is no stranger to heated exchanges not only with artists but other journalists as well. In Dec 2020 he fired off at Rory and Mal from The Joe Budden Podcast, calling them “bum ass n*ggas.” Earlier that year Freddie Gibbs appeared on Desus and Mero where he took the opportunity to insult the controversial blogger freely. Ironically, Desus and Mero had their own public conflict with Aka in 2017. While Dj Akademiks has found some valid success in his time as a podcaster, streamer, and music journalist, his continued plight gives a lesson to writers and musicians alike. Stay focused. When matters go beyond the music, it can take a nasty turn.

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