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“Free Tay-K” Movement Trending In Wake Of Kyle Rittenhouse Verdict



Fans are calling for Tay-K's release after Kyle Rittenhouse was exonerated of all charges. Photo via Cash Cow Music

A “Free Tay-K” movement is now trending on social media after courts announced the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict.

Calling Out Inequities

Many of Tay-K’s fans are irate after hearing that Kyle Rittenhouse was exonerated on all charges. Rittenhouse had been the subject of a high-profile media trial, after the 17-year old shot three men, killing two, during a protest against police brutality in Kenosha, Washington last year. In response to what many agree is an inequity in the justice system, fans have begun making a case for Tay-K’s release.

Given the amount of backlash to the verdict, this one respondent is not the only one confused on Rittenhouse’s verdict, especially in comparison to Tay-K’s case.

Tay-K’s Case

Back in 2016, when he was 16 years old, Tay-K received a 55-year sentence for the murder of Ethan Walker. However, his case is far from cut and dry.

After being charged with Walker’s murder, Tay-K he was put on house arrest. Reportedly, while on house arrest, the rapper was once again involved in another incident of homicide. Reportedly, police also believe Tay-K killed photographer Mark Saldivar in San Antonio, Texas.

In fact, while Tay-K was on the run from the police, he reportedly recorded a video entitled ‘The Race.’ The video was released on YouTube after the police eventually took him in, according to sources.

Here are some of the lyrics to the controversial drop,

“Pop a nigga then I go out my way (Skrrt)
Do the dash then I go out the way”

Considering these lyrics, one must ask if they impacted his sentencing? The ability to use rap lyrics in criminal trials has long been a hotly contested matter, recently addressed in a drill-focused episode of Law & Order: SVU. Tay-K’s case is a primary example.

Tay-K’s Plea and the Final Decision

During his trial, Tay-K pled guilty to robbery, but entered a not guilty plea on the homicide charge concerning Ethan Walker.

According to a lawyer on Tay-K’s legal defense team:

“…while the teenage rapper agreed to participate in the robbery, he couldn’t have predicted that his associate, Latharian Merritt, was going to go in and intentionally kill Ethan Walker.”

Despite the argument, the jury returned a verdict of guilty.

The Kyle Rittenhouse Case

In contrast, Kyle Rittenhouse recently received a verdict of not guilty on all charges.

According to Rittenhouse’s legal defense team,

“…he feared for his life and faced death threats from one of the men he killed that night.”

But did he fear for his life? Countering arguments indicate Rittenhouse is not innocent by any stretch of the imagination. According to the prosecution:

“While Rittenhouse argued he acted in self-defense, he provoked the attacks by bringing his AR-15 style rifle to the protest and pointing it at others.”

Yet in this case, the jury decided in favor of the plaintiff Rittenhouse.

Looking At The facts

Both Tay-K and Rittenhouse were teenagers at the time of their retrospective incidents. Both committed crimes resulting in homicide. However, the factors surrounding the incidents are night and day. And, of course, one cannot ignore the difference of race involved. The legitimate question here is, are these two cases comparable in nature?

Considering all factors, is Tay-K deserving of release? Many are saying he is certainly worthy of release.

In Conclusion

The justice system is not without its complications which is evident. And the inequities are inarguable. And those inequities are indeed a case for reform.

But the overarching question is, how would you like your reform?

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Written by Renae Richardson


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