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The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Releases Clothing Line for It’s 30th Anniversary



Fresh Prince Clothing Line

Fresh Prince Clothing Line Released for Show’s 30th Anniversary

This Thursday marked the 30th anniversary of the premier of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air on Sep 10th, 1990. In honor of the anniversary the show released an entirely new clothing line. The clothing line matches things featured/worn on the show, merch with the show’s name, and items with the general aesthetic of the 90s fashion tied to The Fresh Prince.

The show announced the clothing line’s release in an instagram post yesterday.


There are 30 items in the new collection, matching the number of years since the shows initial release, ranging from a 15 dollars to 200, making it a an affordable collection in terms of highly anticipated newly released streetwear. As 90s nostalgia is on the rise in fashion trends, the release comes at the perfect time. The collection includes  thematic 90s t shirts, sweatshirts, bags with the show’s logo, sweatshirts,  jackets, socks,  sweatpants and hats. All items function as something that could appear on the show while sporting the official logo on the piece or tag. The collection even has pandemic safe masks featuring the “Fresh” California license plate.

Fresh Prince Clothing Line

In addition to the clothing line release, the cast of the show will be reuniting on HBO for a Banks family reunion as Will Smith teased on Instagram yesterday morning.


Written by- Surina Belk-Gupta| Insta: @surinapop

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