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#FreshJuice Lady Gaga On Her Evolving Fashion | @ladygaga @MusicChoice



The iconic pop star, fashionista, and American Horror Story actress sits down with the people at Music Choice studios and explains some of her wacky fashion choices and how she decides on what to wear:

“I’m my best when I feel good…about me and when I feel comfortable 100% in my clothes, in my body and what I’m wearing. And if that means I need 50 seashells on my head, then somebody better find a glue gun because I have to go on at 9 o’clock and if that’s what I need to get to that place to be who I am…that’s what I need to do! And that’s just what makes me who I am. Um but this time around I just didn’t feel like doing that. And nobody around me was excited nor not excited. I think uh the focus on my team and for me anyway has been on making sure that I am walking and talking the philosophies that I’ve been saying for the last ten years of my career.”


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