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#FreshJuice: Style Stars Of BET Awards 2015! (Pics)



#StyleStars Of 2015 BET Awards

I’m not in to being messy, so rather than do a worst-dressed, we’ll just stick to the best dressed of the night for the BET Awards that took place in Los Angeles yesterday, June 28th. An array of celebrities came out, some all time favorites that we look forward to seeing, and some new comers on the scene. Our outfits are an extension of our personalities, so I’m always curious to see how some individuals represent themselves on the red carpet.

While overall, the fits weren’t wow, there were a few style stars that did the night well, and quite a few of them happened to be the guys. So let’s start there.
I know y’all are like, ‘she is really trippin, puttin Flo’rida up here’, lol. I don’t know if it’s my affection for pink, or the whole Miami mob boss vibe he’s given off, but for some reason, I’m not mad at his pink capri’s, even though, I know I should be.
 boy 1
Big Sean and Chris Brown did the casual/formal thing really well. Chris is known for bold fashion choices which is seen here with this floral accented jacket, but blended just right with the rest of the fit.
Michael B. Jordan is killing that monochrome tailored suit. My gawd!
allwhite grl 1
Now for the ladies. Off bat, I’m not a huge fan of Zendaya’s, Nicolas Jebran sparkle shirt-dress mini, but considering her age and personality, I thought it was a super cute fit, and reflective of a part of herself she wanted to display.  Love nearly everything about Sanaa’s, Walter Collection midi.
 laverne cox
This black and white perforated mesh type midi, I love. It’s unique, young and fresh, and she seems to be rocking the hell out of it.
As you can see from the header picture, Gabrielle got a perfect fit with this low key sparkle Halston Heritage gown. It looked amazing on her, and was a good balance of unique and special while still classic. Same with Michelle Williams who was a surprise #stylestar for me. While bandage is nothing new, in this color and length, it’s still different. It’s a good balance of sexy and classy.
It should be noted that Ciara wore a beautiful Wes Gordan dress, but, it didn’t all come together cohesively enough for me to declare it a favorite.
What were some of your favorites?
Ashley Avery| IG: @Averyashlay | Twitter: @Averyashlay

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