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An E-Book of Valuable Kanye Quotes, ‘The World According to Kanye’

JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE - Emmy Award-nominated "Jimmy Kimmel Live" airs every weeknight (11:35 p.m. - 12:41 a.m., ET), packed with hilarious comedy bits and features a diverse lineup of guests including celebrities, athletes, musicians, comedians and humorous human interest subjects. On Wednesday evening, October 9, Jimmy Kimmel welcomed Kanye West to "Jimmy Kimmel Live." (Photo by Randy Holmes/ABC via Getty Images) KANYE WEST

(Photo by Randy Holmes/ABC via Getty Images)

So, although this seems the most unpopular opinion, I like Kanye and I’ve developed to like him more and more as time goes on. I mean, I like Barter 6 heavily too, so what do I know. But I like to think I desire and appreciate authenticity. While I may not have always preferred Kanye’s actions or his music, I do appreciate his consistency and realness. He seems to wear his heart on his sleeve, that’s fearless. His art grows with him as he moves through stages in his life, that’s real. As a creative, imaginative, positive person, Kanye motives the shxt out of me. I mean, a show on the Yeezus tour was literally a piece of art in and of itself.

Although we probably shouldn’t expect Kanye to drop a novel or memoir on us, he claims to be an avid non-reader of books, some awesome people, Herbert Lui and team, recognized the awesomness that lives in Kanye West’s existence, and decided to compile an e-book of it. Specific Kanye quotes that is, said throughout his career as a known artist. Kanye quotes on a variety of aspects that make up life, not leaving out quotes on life specifically, in general. Lol.
Kanye on Art:
I don’t think that anything that I do is more important than the person who is receiving it. That person is equally important. 

Kanye on the Creative Process:

I’m giving all that I have in this life. I’m opening up my notebook and I’m saying everything in there out loud. A lot of people are very sacred with their ideas, and there is something to protecting yourself in that way, but there’s also something to idea sharing, or being the person who makes the mistake in public so people can study that.

Kanye on Hip-Hop:

I’m not using rap as a way to get paid or something. I’m using it as an opportunity to really say some stuff that I think needs to be heard, that I think people will enjoy. 

Kanye on Love:

What I feel like—’cause I wanna be married, of course—I feel like the type of girl I would be with is a fellow superhero. So we get that ‘already flying and now we’re just flying together’ thing. 

Kanye on Self-Esteem:

The time is now for it to be okay to be great. People in this world shun people for being great. For being a bright color. For standing out. But the time is now to be okay to be the greatest you.

…And the book goes on and on like that. While some quotes are general things we all come across in life, it’s humorous to hear it from the perspective of Kanye. Some are really bazaar, and some are so unique to Kanye, that they have the opportunity to really impact a certain individual at a certain time. I admire Kanye’s willingness to put himself out there, and his intent seems sincere, that he just wants to aid in his own way to the betterment of anyone who’ll listen. Go Kanye.
The book also features some pretty cool artwork, adding design that compliments the words. It’s a cool concept and seems a Kanye version of his wife’s most recent Selfie book. The book can be dowloaded, here.
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