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Rising Artist Genia Drops Newest Release “4 AM in the Ville”



At the young age of 22, up-and-coming artist Genia is quickly establishing herself as a rising star. Genia has emerged as a force with a robust flavor that defies traditional genre labels. Many have tried to classify her art, but the only word that seems fitting is “undefinable.”

Genia understands that true artists break boundaries and refuse to conform to limitations set by others. She brings this understanding with her to the industry.


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Emotional Landscapes: Exploring “4 AM In The Ville” With Genia

The album “4 AM in the Ville” consists of six songs and runs for 18 minutes. Each song transports the listener and invokes a range of emotions.

The opening track, “Let Me Wander,” beautifully showcases Genia’s commanding vocals and her smooth, lilting delivery. The final track, “Dear Life,” is an electrifying and heartfelt expression poured out in a 3-minute rendering.

Genia’s Artistic Evolution From “4 PM” To “4 AM In The Ville”

The artist’s depth of storytelling abilities is evident in this album, which is more than just a random collection of songs. She explored this skill in her earlier release, “4 PM in the Ville,” but this project, according to the artist, goes deeper.

As Genia notes, “I feel like I open up in an entirely new way. I show the part of myself that’s gone through falling in love with someone and being betrayed by them.”

Genia’s Ethereal Soundscapes

The entirety of the tracklist can be described as melodic, smooth, and almost ethereal. Listeners cannot help but get lost in Genia’s silky vocals as they glide over the altering rhythmic patterns and changing cadences of each piece. The young artist has already caused quite a stir, receiving quite a bit of praise from various outlets.

UPROXX published an article in Jan. 2024, declaring her the artist to watch for the year. This, however, is just another step in Genia’s growth and the path she has chosen for herself.

From TikTok Sensation To Def Jam’s Rising Star

According to Earmilk, Genia made her presence known with her video release, “Introducing.” However, the rising star had long before begun her road to success. As the source notes, “The Def Jam newcomer had already cultivated a significant following on TikTok, highlighting her talent with acapella videos and snippets of covers.”

Additionally, Genia drew comparisons to two powerhouse performers, Beyonce and Rihanna. While it was not distinctive in which area she compares, whether it be in performance, vocal skill, or business savvy, all are highly complementary to the artist.

“Pretty Lies:” Visual Narrative Of Emotional Turmoil

The album wasn’t the only thing that dropped. They also unveiled a visual component for track three, Pretty Lies.

This single is an entire story in and of itself. When asked to describe the song, Genia told Raydar Magazine, “This song is definitely about the emotional roller coaster you go through once you’re betrayed by someone you love. I wanted to capture what it feels like because so many people go through these emotions.”

Judge for yourself.

For those who have not yet checked out Genia’s latest project, it is available for streaming on all major platforms.

Written by Renae Richardson 

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