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Goonew’s Mother Speaks On His ‘Final Show’ at a DC Nightclub



Goonew's body on display at funeral in D.C.; photo via TMZ

On Sunday, April 2 Goonew’s dead body was put on display at The Final Show at Bliss nightclub.

After the event, the nightclub used social media to address the public concerning the situation.

“Bliss was never made aware what would transpire. We sincerely apologize to all those who may be upset or offended.”

For “The Final Show,” attendees had to pay $40 at the door. When entering, they were able to see his body standing up in a crown and designer clothes.

When the attendees noticed the body, they started taking photos and videos to show the public what they were seeing as “sad and disrespectful.”

After performing at Goonew’s funeral, Black Fortune posted his thoughts on his Instagram story.

Black Fortune Goonew post

A day after the funeral, Goonew’s mother, Patrice Parker Morrow, spoke out wanting the public to accept her action.

“I’m pleased with how I sent my son away. I wish people would just let me grieve in peace.”

Along with Goonew’s mother, Ariana Morrow commented about the fans’ reactions.

“They’re like, I know his mama didn’t wouldn’t approve of that. Yeah, she did, she was on stage with us.”

How Goonew Died

On March 18 Goonew, at 24-years-old, was shot and in District Heights, Maryland just before 6PM. About an hour later, he died at a local hospital.

The initial reports say that Goonew was on the way to get a birthday present for his sister.

After being approached, Goonew gave up his jewelry and watch before being shot.

Two weeks later, the Prince George Police Department is still looking for Goonew’s killer.

The Prince George PD is offering a $25,000 award for anyone with information that will lead to an arrest. 

Goonew was shot two years earlier on July 5, 2019. However, authorities are still unsure if the shootings are related.


Written by: Bryana Konig | Instagram: _bryana_k

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