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Grown-ish Loads Up With Star Power For its Final Season



While fans of “Grown-ish” may groan because of the impending finality of the series, they will have a lot to celebrate before saying their final goodbyes. Current headlines regarding the last season of Grown-ish read as an “‘A-List” guests list for a premiere bash. Reportedly, Latto, Kelly Rowland, Omarion, and NLE Choppa will all appear in the “Black-ish” spinoff’s sixth and final season. Boy, does it sound like a lot of fun!


In 2014, Kenya Barris presented the world with a show that would become the next new cultural favorite, “Black-ish.” With an all-star cast including Traci Ellis Ross, Anthony Anderson, Laurence Fishburn, and Jennifer Lewis, they were poised to take over television. And take over they did; they were sitcom royalty. In the wake of the series’ success, many made comparisons between the series and the “Cosby Show.” Fans couldn’t get enough.

Grown-ish an Apt Spinoff

What does one do when people are hungry for more? They give them more to satiate their appetite. Four seasons into “Black-ish,” “Grown-ish” premiered. Barris had enormous hopes for the spinoff. He hoped its impact would mirror that of The “Cosby Show’s” spinoff, “A Different World.” Nevertheless, like any proud creator, the most important thing was that the creation sprouted wings and flew. He simply hoped for a good show. As Barris is cited in Vanity Fair.

“Our mission [was] to put together a really good cast.”

And given its five-season run, he more than succeeded in his development of a strong show, with a solid cast, and a tremendous impact

Grown-ish A Success

“Grown-ish” featured a young Zoey, Yara Shaddi, navigating new waters. She was off to college. And as the opening sequence heralded, the world needed to watch out; she was grown now. But as is the collegiate journey for most students, Zoey’s, too, would draw to an end. While many expected the series to end with Zoey, it did not. Junior (Marcus Scribner) carried the torch. In season five, Junior took the lead. But sadly, it was recently announced that his journey would also end with season six.

All Things Must End

Grown-ish Season Six: All-Star Affair

The announcement of an ending is not great news for the fan base. But the reassuring news is there is something to look forward to. The sixth and final season is slated to be filled with cameos by some top-rated artists from the music industry, no less. Kelly Rowland is tapped to play a professor of psychology. Both Omarion and NLE Choppa will make appearances. However, they will not play a particular character. They will cameo as themselves. And Latto will show her talents on the show as a wine representative. While it’s not as good as perhaps a few more seasons, at least it is a touch of sweetness to dull the bitterness.

The final season of “Grown-ish” is scheduled to begin this month. However, it is a two-part season. That means the show will officially close curtains in 2024. So, here’s to going out with a bang.

Written By: Renae Richardson


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