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GTX Bringing Clash of Kings: KXNG Crooked Vs. Dizaster



It has been confirmed that two battle rap titans will perform in a bout for the ages. KXNG Crooked and Dizaster, will engage in a lyrical battle. This is being said to be one of the biggest rap battles in history.

Dizaster and GTX

Earlier this year, battle rap fans got a boost when outlets announced that Dizaster, Lush One, and Drect were teaming up to launch GTX. GTX would be the new platform for battle rappers to demonstrate their prowess. While other platforms have existed to propel the art form, much of the art has taken a back seat to commercial and entrepreneurial interest. GTX is seen as the solution, returning the platform to its origins.

Debut Face Off: Dizaster v. Aczino

GTX came out the gate strong with its inaugural match-up. The feature bout was a head-to-head between Dizaster and Aczino. The support for the new GTX platform was bar none. A source reports that the match received over 1.2 million views within three weeks. That is a big splash for a new venture and speaks well of the level of support that is out there for battle rap.

Next Level Card: Dizaster v KXNG Crooked

Things are going to get that much hotter on GTX. The upcoming battle is being promoted as one for the history books. Dizaster will battle the rap legend KXNG Crooked. As noted,

“Still in the midst of a flourishing career, never in history has an industry figure of Crooked’s magnitude stepped into the battle rap space.”

And Dizaster is about to take him on.

KXNG Crooked’s Rational

Why would someone with so much cred step in the ring? Like a great heavyweight, as more and more contenders step into the sport, they step up to prove they still deserve the right to wield the belt. In KXNG’s words

“I can’t just go around saying I’m one of the best to ever put words together, right?”

And no one can argue that point.

So Why Dizaster?

Some wonder if he needs to prove anything in a battle with Dizaster. According to KXNG, it’s not so much about Dizaster. He was clear. He recognized Dizaster’s talent, but his competitor is a side note in his purpose. This bout was a lot more about him than his competitor.

“I’m really trying to prove it to myself and although Dizaster is a monstrous competitor, he’s just the middleman in this scenario.”

Of course, Dizaster has reasons for wanting to step into the ring with KXNG.

How is GTX a Cultural Win?

Regardless of who you are cheering on, the existence of such a platform is a win. As long as artists provide avenues to demonstrate their talent, other artists will be pushed to hone their skills. In this sense, GTX is a win for the culture. In words once spoken by Lush,

This is not only huge for battle rap culture but monumental for Hip Hop. We are here to break barriers and set new precedents with this battle, creating a platform for not only battle rappers but the best lyricists in the industry to test their skills and put on incredible performances that will be seminal moments in history.

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Written by Renae Richardson


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