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Here’s Why Kevin Gates Doesn’t Give Away Thanksgiving Turkeys



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Giving away free turkeys to the less fortunate on Thanksgiving is as traditional as the holiday itself. Indeed, in the hip-hop world, this is carefully observed. This year, rappers like Snoop Dogg and A$AP Rocky did their part in helping the less fortunate celebrate the holiday. Even Kodak Black, staying in rehab, orchestrated a 5,000 turkey giveaway throughout his home state of Florida. Across the US, giveaways of hot meals, gift cards, and of course, turkeys brought in the holiday. However, one rapper has beef with all this turkey: Kevin Gates.

Kevin Gates vs. Turkey

In an Instagram story since-shared by DJ Akademiks, the Kevin Gates gave his thoughts on a free turkey giveaway. He stated:

“Motherf*ckers just asked me why I wasn’t passing out turkeys. Let’s think logically. If I go out here and pass out a bunch of uncooked turkeys, where are they gonna cook them?”


Now, no one can or should fault Gates for being against the consumption of raw food. What’s more, Gates backed it up with a giveaway of his own. In a video posted to his Instagram page, the “Yes Lawd” rapper could be seen giving away bags of sandwiches and fruit to the less fortunate. The video caption reads, “The greatest deed is to feed the less-fortunate – May Allah elevate our Rank I love you All #TheBeloved.”


So, perhaps his actions, in this case, spoke louder than his words. Still, he said what he said. The man gave his opinion on turkey giveaways. Naturally, Twitter had to react. The Twitter-verse was somewhat…against him.

Moral of the story: don’t talk turkey if you’re not ready for beef. Nonetheless, our hats off to Kevin Gates for helping the less fortunate.
What do you think about Kevin Gates’s take? Are proper sandwiches the way to go? Do we need to do a double-take on turkey? Let us know.

Garrett C. Owen

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