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Hip-Hop culture 50th anniversary: a show is being developed by Nas



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Hip Hop Culture 50th Anniversary

In 1973 DJ Kool Herc staged a party in South Bronx for his sister. That party is considered by many as the birthplace of hip-hop culture.

The genre has evolved from a party in a South Bronx cellar to a worldwide soundtrack over 47 years. Now it is nearing its 50th anniversary. Several of its pioneers are making sure its impact is recognized.

Rapper Nas and director Sacha Jenkins are among those retelling the story of hip-hop culture. Nas’ Mass Appeal is teaming up with CBS Viacom to celebrate hip-hop’s 50th anniversary with a new series called Hip Hop 50.

The show examines the genre’s rich history through the eyes of legends. It also dives into the subcultures that arose as a result of its emergence.

The show will include documentaries that focus on different areas of hip-hop culture. It will also feature specialized podcasts and unscripted programs exploring the genre.

An important aspect of the show is Nas and Jenkins’ intention to use a variety of filmmakers. They will also include young artists’ views and how they were influenced by the legends.

According to Jenkins, the most important lesson from Hip Hop 50 is “Our voice is everywhere.” It will show how hip-hop music has addressed inequalities in society like racial injustice. It will also show how hip-hop has influenced language, clothing, and other music genres.

The Hip Hop 50 show will premiere on Showtime this year and will run through 2023. Check out the teaser trailer below

HIP HOP 50 “Teaser” – YouTube


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