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#HipHop4Her: The Issue With Double Standards



Society revolves around the idea of double standards. If double standards didn’t exist then the world would be a completely different place. The double standards of men and women always seem to trip me up. Why does it seem like men are allowed to do whatever, whomever, and whenever they want. Women can do the same but just to a certain degree. As women I know many of us tend to wonder where exactly did this double standard come from? For those who are not sure what a double standard means it is any code or set of principles containing different provisions for one group of people than for another.

The most common double standard is the freedom given to men to sow their wild oats. While women must keep our legs crossed and wear panties with bolts and locks on it. What makes it so distasteful for a woman to explore her options before she gets married? People of course form many reasons for this question, with answers like “It looks bad for her reputation,” or “The vagina is more scared than the penis.” This may be true but who said that women want a man who sleeps with everyone and plants his seeds anywhere. NO THANK YOU.

Men and women both feel pressures from society to be a certain way in order to fit in. But overweight women suffer from more prejudice than overweight men. Women need to have no waist, thick thighs, nice boobs, and a nice butt. So women work their ass off just to keep up with the societal standards. The constant work out sessions or surgical procedures to just be seen as someone with potential. On the hand men are ridiculed for being overweight with that being associated with being sloppy and unkempt. It’s just that men don’t fall to the pressures of being judged for being overweight.

It is in the innate being of a man, to be aggressive, assertive and demanding. Knowing what they want and don’t want. In fact many women like this in a man and search for this type of attitude (to a certain extent of course). But as for women who also possess these qualities they are considered arrogant, bossy and bitchy. Men enjoy the passivity that many women have so when a select few calls them out, and is assertive on what they want these become negative traits. All because the man feels threatened. They should be the ones who wear the pants and has all the say so. They are the “alpha male” *beats on chest*. But there’s a reason why women can wear both the skirt and the pants.

It is apparent that who ever made up these rules of nature and how men and women should be didn’t think it through. And I’m guessing they were also a man. These double standards don’t seem to be removing themselves from the societal circle any time soon. Women are subjected to these double standards and those who fail to follow often suffers the consequences.

Miquira J.

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