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Hitmaka Shares Unique Experience He Had With DMX



The Hip hop community lost someone extraordinary when DMX left this world in 2021. To say his passing was a shock is putting it mildly. No one expected he would be gone so soon. However, the impact of his death on hip hop was significant and looming, making it more than evident that the void he left would be one incapable of filling.

Hitmaka Shares An Experience

Like most legends who have touched many, lots remain to be shared. And yesterday, Hitmaka let the world in on a moment of impact he shared with the late DMX.

According to Hitmaka, one memory of DMX still stands out, a moment when he came to see the authentic X. In the interview, Hitmaka recounts when he witnessed DMX taking a nap on the sidewalk beside his car. The performer notes that he and a few others were in the studio and had just wrapped their session when they found DMX’s keys still inside. But X had left the studio a bit before. When he and the others exited the studio, they found DMX. According to Hitmaka, this is what the X had to say when they saw him,

“Ay yo, leave me the f*ck alone real quick.’ N***a”

Then X proceeded to sleep on the sidewalk by his Benz.

Hitmakas Response

While this may seem alarming to many, Hitmaka assured the listeners that X’s behavior didn’t faze him. When asked why, this is what he said,

“This is DMX! He’s a dog, n*gga! What are you talkin’ ’bout?!

It’s no secret that sometimes X was misunderstood. However,  DMX was who he was and never apologized for that.

DMX’s influence

There is no doubt that DMX was one of the most influential voices in hip-hop. As the 2019 issue of GQ notes,

“[As of 2019] he’s the only rapper to have his first five studio albums debut at No. 1 on the Billboard 200.”

That honor came earnest. No one before or after that could imitate X’s signature style. He was an original not only in his presentation but in his walk. One source notes,

“He delivered his lines with desperate aggression that propelled his debut album.”


And years later, he continued to move the masses with that signature growl.

The Multifaceted X (DMX)

DMX wasn’t just an artist with a rough-edged exterior that matched his image. He was a man who worked with every inch of his being to rise above his bitter roots soured with abuse and neglect. His life was the perfect exemplar of yin and yang, a life of shadow and light, suffering and pain. While on the one hand, he encountered record-breaking success, on the other, he dealt with a crippling addiction. Yet, the depth of his talent was undeniable. DMX was a rapper, actor, father, and above all, a believer.

Many have termed X as an enigma. Although often struggling with darkness, his eyes were always trained forward to the light. Some found the strength of his faith mindboggling, and others understood it to be genuine. Moreover, X  never made a pretense; the artist always took the time to bow his head in prayer, an open display of his belief.


He let the world know he was at times distressed but blessed.

100% Authentic DMX

In all his humanness and quest to become his best, he remained open and honest about his struggle with darkness and faith. GQ phrased it best, DMX’s life was a testament and a testimony,

“living proof that if he could make it through this, you could make it through whatever you have going on as well.”

Without a doubt, X’s life will forever be a light and inspiration. As X told People in 2021,

“I think part of growth and healing in the human experience is the ability to make peace or even find the good in the reconciliation of traumatic experiences of the past.”

He attempted to do that, share his gift, and live his life authentically. And for years to come, people like Hitmaka will continue to share what they knew of DMX and how he touched their lives because that is how unique X was.

Written by: Renae Richardson

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