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How Glorilla Rose To The Top



Still from GloRilla’s “Blessed” video, directed by LOUIEKNOWS.

In a matter of months Memphis-born Glorilla has snagged a record deal, a major feature, and now a Grammy nomination.

Starting Small

It all started with one beat from Tennessee producer Hitkidd. The producer initially reached out to Glo after seeing her at a city showcase the previous year. The beat, which was originally meant for Megan Thee Stallion, eventually ended up in a 23 year old Glorilla’s lap. From there, all it took was a makeshift video, a powerhouse hook, and a set of friends and the rest is history.

‘FNF (Lets Go)’ was a hit before it was even unveiled to the world. Glo, born Gloria Woods, posted a snippet of the chorus to Triller to test the waters. This is a common practice for artists in this social media age. Instantly, the song went viral in her hometown. Once the video dropped days later, the local tune rapidly transformed into a national anthem. Little did Glorilla know this was the jumpstart to her promising career.

“I’m F-R-E-E, fuck nigga free / That mean I ain’t gotta worry ’bout no fuck nigga cheating / And I’m S-I-N-G-L-E again / Outside hanging out the window with my ratchet-ass friends.”

With the music video for ‘FNF’ now comfortably sitting at 49 million YouTube views, it’s a bonafide hit. “You know faith without works is dead but you’ve still gotta manifest, but then they’ve still gotta pray. Gods gonna be the reason for everything.” She told Wunni Bella in a sit down interview last week.

What Makes Glorilla Special

The appeal of ‘FNF’ and Glorilla as an artist is the relatability. The track exudes the excitement of a group of friends bunched in front of a mirror, getting ready for a night out. It’s clear to see female unity is currently a massive theme in the music industry. From Megan and Cardi’s ‘WAP’ to Megs other hit with Dua Lipa ‘Sweetest Pie’, women teaming up to assert themselves on a track is clearly Billboard gold. Glorilla understands that and makes it a point to uplift her team with her. With Glorilla and her friends/fellow artists K Carbon, Gloss Up, Slimeroni, and Aleza, it’s an instant feeling of approachability. In a music scene often overwhelmed by heartbreak ballads and teary confessions by female artists, a song simply brushing off a unfaithful man is more than refreshing. It’s necessary.

In July, Glorilla was signed to Yo Gotti’s label CMG. ‘FNF’ was the initial spark, but getting a label to back her financially set the young artist on a whole new course.

Glorilla continued to run with the authentic girl power motif with the ‘FNF’ remix featuring JT and Latto in September. This received immediate warm feedback on TikTok where it became a viral sound. Practically overnight, Glorilla had all eyes in the rap industry on her. Luckily with the help of one Bronx MC, her star would start shining even brighter. ‘Tomorrow 2’ marked the Southern rappers first entry into the Billboard Hot 100, peaking at number 9. This is a stunning feat for an artist just months into her career.

Thats Why I Love Tomorrow

‘Tomorrow 2’ was released late September and features Cardi B. One powerful quality Glorilla has is the ability to captivate an audience with her vocal presence. After combining this quality with one of Cardi’s hardest verses of her career and both their natural charisma, it’s no wonder ‘Tomorrow 2’ became a quick classic. If you’re active on social media chances are you’ve already seen a room full of people at the club screaming the words bar for bar like it’s been studied. It’s a rare case when a song doesn’t have to grow on the general public. With ‘Tomorrow 2’, the people simply knew a hit when they heard one.

Glorilla’s new EP ‘Anyways Life’s Great…’ dropped just last week featuring all her hits like ‘FNF (Lets Go)’, ‘Tomorrow 2’, ‘Blessed’, and a recent track ‘Nut Quick’.  The project is already gunning for a top 10 debut on the U.S albums chart with over 30k units sold first week. Clearly Glo’s success with singles translates into her full length projects as well.

Glorilla at The Grammys

All of this was topped off yesterday with an exciting announcement from the Grammy awards committee. Glorilla has been nominated for her first Grammy award for best rap performance alongside Latto, Doja Cat, and DJ Khaled. Upon learning of her nomination, fans and fellow artists showed out with avid support.

In the span of less than a year,  Glorilla has conquered the music world. For all the naysayers claiming she was a flash in the pan, they’ll have to tune in Feburary 2023 to see her on the red carpet.

Written By: Dreema Carrington

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