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Is Ice Spice Taking Over New York?



ice spice
If you have anything with a screen, you’ve met Ice Spice. See how this girl from the Bronx is dominating both her city and the internet.
Ice Spice lookalikes gave a surprise performance in Times Square this weekend to promote her new EP Like..?. The 6 track debut project is getting love from all corners of social media, and it looks like that star power is transferring to real life as well.

Like Keep it a Buck

Like..? contains all of Ice’s most viral tracks, namely ‘Munch (Feelin’ U)’, ‘In Ha Mood’, and ‘Bikini Bottom’. In addition to this, there are three new tracks titled ‘Princess Diana’, ‘Actin a Smoochie’, and ‘Gangsta Boo’ with fellow New Yorker Lil Tjay. Out of all the new singles, by far the most praised thus far is ‘Princess Diana’, a bass-heavy and hard-hitting play on a viral Twitter meme comparing the two women. On this track, Spice utilizes her signature smooth, calm flow with memorable one-liners. Immediately upon release, fans noted RIOTUSA’s flawless production work and how fast Ice has improved her rapping during her time in the spotlight.

With ‘Munch (Feelin’ U)’ only coming out last year in August, Ice Spices’ meteoric rose to fame is truly impressive. In such a short time she spread her name around and stamped it onto listeners with just sheer catchiness. She’s even coined a nickname for her fanbase, in fact, there are multiple. Whether you’re a munchkin, spice cabinet, or spice girl, it’s undeniable that the drill rapper has a unique presence.
So what makes Ice different from the hundreds of aspiring female acts? Some may attribute her start to a photo of her and Drake attending a concert together that made its rounds right before ‘Munch (Feelin’ U)’ blew up. The two initially connected when the Toronto artist messaged Spice through Instagram to compliment her skills on a Radar freestyle. Following the DM and public appearance, things suddenly got quiet between the pair. That is until Drake allegedly dissed her on his most recent album Her Loss.

Her Win

“She a ten tryna rap, it’s good on mute, yeah,” he rapped on BackOutsideBoyz. While Drake himself never confirmed who exactly he was referring to, many assumed it was Ice Spice from their recent interactions. Her Loss was an album chock full of (alleged) subs and jabs, including towards Megan the Stallion, DRAM, and Serena William’s husband Alexis Ohanian to name a few. Unlike all three of those celebs, Ice took a different approach to her response and jokingly played along by responding on Twitter. “at least ima 10” she typed with a shrug and laughing emoji.

In A New York Times interview, Spice confirmed that she and Drake are on good terms regardless of the rumored diss. “We spoke after that a couple times and we’re good. There’s no beef.” She said.
It may not seem like much, sure. but to handle one of the music industry’s biggest names like Drake and come out the other side without some type of dating rumor or controversy hanging over her head is pretty remarkable. Despite an early wave of hate and slander from social media, it was clear Ice had garnered a sizable group that didn’t simply see her as a meme or a name on Drake’s list. She would use that group, and the power of TikTok, to transform herself into a superstar.

The Clock App

Tiktok has handed many artists a career on a silver platter, and Ice Spice is no exception. ‘Munch (Feelin’ U)’ was the biggest viral hit, but for the clock app, it was Ice’s older single ‘No Clarity’ that helped her gain traction with young people obsessed with meme culture. The song, which samples the popular 2010s hit of the same name, now has over 14,000 Tiktoks under its belt.
Through this, Ice Spice rapidly gained a dedicated fanbase on the app. With nearly 3 million followers, the East Coast MC has effortlessly gone viral on TikTok again and again. ‘Munch (Feelin’ U)’ sits at the top with over 580,000 people using the sound, but ‘In Ha Mood’ and ‘Bikini Bottom’ trail right behind with a combined total of 300,000 Tiktoks. ‘Princess Diana’ and ‘Gangsta Boo’ have been steadily rising since the album drop last Friday (Jan 20), with 8,600 videos between the two in just four days.
It’s hard to pinpoint what likely makes Ice Spice resonate so heavily with young music listeners. Its a mix of her unique look, simplistic rap style perfect for short clips, and attitude of not taking things too seriously. It’s the little things with this generation, like SpongeBob being your favorite show or using anime art style in a Spotify ad. You may find her randomly popping up in the comment section of someone’s TikTok just to leave a heart or reposting fan art on Twitter. When Ice Spice noticed her followers calling themselves munchkins and spice cabinets, she made a Twitter poll to decide on which name is best and properly engage with them. Very early in her career, she mastered the art of fanservice and established a strong sense of loyalty. It’s a factor that’s so instrumental in the streaming era of music. Even legacy names aren’t selling records the way they used to.

Why Princess Diana Popped

Ice Spice, real name Isis Gaston, even inserted some fan lingo into her new music. The term “emotes” is rampant in her TikTok comments to describe her distinctive dance moves. Sure enough, on ‘Princess Diana’ Spice gives a subtle shoutout to the cabinet.

“I’m thick, ’cause I be eatin’ oats (Huh)

Bitches not takin’ shit from me but notes

Wanna be me, so she do my emotes

And my name in her mouth so I bet she gon’ choke”

It’s a few bars that perfectly encapsulate what’s charming about this young rapper. With so many artists recently being labeled industry plants, People very much value authenticity. Besides the glamour and popularity, Ice Spice comes off as a fun girl from the Bronx. It’s certainly a familiar success story, and time will tell just how far she’ll rise.

Written by Dreema Carrington

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