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Iggy Azalea is “Taking a Break” from Music



Iggy Azalea

Iggy Azalea hints at retirement from rap for the next few years.

On Thursday, rapper Iggy Azalea took to  Twitter to announce her retirement from rap to focus on other creative endeavours. This announcement comes before the release of her third LP, End of an Era, which will drop later this summer. While this is not the first break she has taken in her career, it definitely seems necessary for her mental health. In the tweet, she explained by saying “[I’m] going to take a few years to focus on other creative projects and things I’m feeling passionate and inspired by, beyond music.” Fans were overall excited to see her explore other creative outlets and live her best life.

Leading up to the announcement, Iggy Azalea stayed busy in the first half of 2021. Earlier this year, she released “Sip It” with frequent collaborator, Tyga. A few weeks ago, she dropped another single and music video, titled “I Am The Stripclub,” which will hopefully make an appearance on her upcoming LP. Leading up to her album, Iggy has made sure to keep her fans happy with singles, teasers, and music videos. Since 2014 Iggy has remained a prominent name in the pop and hip-hop communities. Fans will miss Iggy as she leaves these communities to pursue new creative endeavours. Although, considering her success in rap we know it won’t be difficult for her!

For more Iggy Azalea, check out her latest video for “I Am The Stripclub”

Written by Hannah Botnick | IG @hcbotnick | Twitter @hbbotnick

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