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Inside Haunting 911 Call After Aaron Carter is Found Dead



aaron carter
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Actor, singer, and performer Aaron Carter died of unknown circumstances at 34 years old in his Lancaster home.

Unfortunately for the singer’s housekeeper, she was the one to discover the gruesome scene.


TMZ has gained an audio recording of the exact moments Aaron Carter’s housekeeper found him unresponsive in the bathtub. In the clip, The woman can be heard screaming and clearly upset. A 911 operator then beckoned EMS and fire officials to the house for a “female yelling” and specified the injured party was “in the tub”.

Despite the urgent call, Carter was already dead when paramedics arrived. While rumors have been flying around since the actor’s death, officials still haven’t confirmed an official cause. Aaron Carter’s long history of substance abuse is an obvious suspect in his sudden passing, but for now, the police are still working.

Carter’s fiancé and mother to his son, Melanie Martin communicated with TMZ following the report of his death. “My fiancé Aaron Carter has passed away. I love Aaron with all my heart and it’s going to be a journey to raise a son without a father.” She stated. “Please respect the privacy of my family as we come to terms with the loss of someone we love greatly. We are still in the process of accepting this unfortunate reality. Your thoughts and prayers are greatly appreciated.”

Sibling Speaks Up

Martin isn’t the only loved one speaking out. Aarons’s older brother and member of The Backstreet Boys Nick Carter posted a heartfelt tribute to his late brother on Instagram this Sunday.


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A post shared by Nick Carter (@nickcarter)

“My heart has been broken today. Even though my brother and I have had a complicated relationship, my love for him has never ever faded. I have always held onto the hope, that he would somehow, someday want to walk a healthy path and eventually find the help that he so desperately needed.” He typed.

“Sometimes we want to blame someone or something for a loss. But the truth is that addiction and mental illness is the real villain here. I will miss my brother more than anyone will ever know. I love you Chizz., now you get a chance to finally have some peace you could never find here on earth….God, Please take care of my baby brother.”

Aaron Carter was only 34 years old.

A Hint Appears

California Law enforcement have found several cans of compressed air in Aaron Carter’s home. The cans were scattered across the bathroom and bedroom floor. In addition to this, prescription pills were also found inside the house. Police still aren’t releasing an official cause of death, but the excess of substances points to an obvious conclusion.

According to police, Carter’s body had been in the tub for quite some time before he was discovered. There were no signs of foul play found.

Written By: Dreema Carrington

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