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It’s Halloween Month So Let’s Talk Horror: Movie Recs From a Film Kid- Get Out (2017)



Peele Has Reinvented The “Scary Movie” And October Is The Best Time To Enjoy It

Once you feel a cold breeze, you know it’s time for a scary movie. Horror Movies have spent the last 80 years reinventing what was made the year before it. To succeed in the genre, directors have to find a new form of fear. It thrives on it. No genre has to reinvent itself more and no one has reinvented the genre like Jordan Peele. Get Out is the best example of this. It’s the horror comedy that is still in our minds. 3 years later.


Get Out tells the seemingly familiar story of a man traveling with his girlfriend to meet her parents. This time, he’s the lone black man in a predominantly white area and slowly realizes something is very awry. What hides underneath is nothing short of a masterpiece of horror. 

The movie itself was a cultural phenomenon. It went from an unheard of indie, by a sketch comedian, to the one of the highest grossing in the genre. The box office broke hundreds of records including creator, Jordan Peele, becoming the first Black Writer to hit over 100 Million in box office numbers, the most profitable movie of the year. It’s critical acclaim of equal successful reaching 100% on rotten tomatoes when it was first released. 

Peele did something that hadn’t been seen on screen in a long time. He made the fear have a purpose. You didn’t just fear a ghost, you felt the creeping sense of reality, the villain was a heightened version of something familiar. Get Out uses the most clever subtleties cloaked in comedy, but by the halfway point the terrifying villain becomes clear and the comedy begins to disappear. The film seems a constant illusion to lynching, the fetizayion of bblack bodies, human trafficking and the history of slavery still intwined in rich neighborhoods. The movie makes its point clear but that is not to say it doesn’t have subtle clever points in each moment. 

It cast does the script proud. Daniel Kaluuya, who was fairly unknown at the time, plays the empathetic, smart, funny and worthy protagonist needed for such a plot. Allison Williams plays the perfect contradiction to the “white saviour” and “pristine white girl” concepts. I’d be remiss to not mention Lakeith Stanfield, who has rapidly become my favorite performer alive and who brings the title phrase of the movie to the screen.

Its my favorite film of the century. There’s no way of properly praising the movie without spoiling its groundbreaking and once in a generation plot. However, to say it changed a genre with its creative, detailed innovation would be an understatement. The cast, the visuals, the script, the soundtrack. Get Out is a must watch. 

Article By Surina Belk-Gupta | Insta: @surinapop

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