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J. Cole Sends Reminder “Y’all Musta Forgot,” (About Colin Kaepernick)



“Y’all Musta Forgot,” said J. Cole regarding Colin Kaepernick. The artist thinks it’s time for a reminder.

J. Cole is not quite feeling the celebratory vibe in the atmosphere today. So he turned to social media with a massive message in his heart. His one phrase, “Y’all Musta Forgot!” However, Cole hasn’t.

What Cole Wants Us to Remember: Kaepernick Solely Ignites a Movement

One of the most significant televised events of the year, The Super Bowl, is fast approaching. Super Bowl Sunday historically is one of the most considerable party times of the season. However, the NFL has taken a massive hit on its image over the years. Astoundingly, one man, in particular, is responsible for this shift, Colin Kaepernick.

One man with one mission began a movement with far-reaching implications. Kaepernick couldn’t fathom how his peaceful protest would blossom when he took the knee in 2016. He chose to make his stand by remaining on his knees in one moment. His stance then shifted the world.

Kaepernick’s Repercussions

Shortly after Kaepernick kneeled, the press pressed the athlete on his purpose. In his words,

“I’ll continue to sit. I’m going to stand with the people that are being oppressed!’

The cost of kneeling came with a hefty price tag for Kaepernick. His decision to call attention to a prevalent issue at a controversial moment cost him the career he loved. The NFL blackballed him. Nevertheless, Kaepernick took everything in stride, refusing to apologize.

Not only did Kaepernick lose his career, but he also became the target of political vitriol. In 2017 Kaepernick was the target of the highest office in the United States of America.

“Trump’s advice to NFL managers whose players took the knee was, get that son of a bitch off the field right now. He’s fired.”

This only added insult to injury, but he stood firm.

Kaepernick’s Passion, Cole’s Message

Sadly, Kaepernick still wanted to play the game. So, in 2020, the player’s agent reportedly tried to vet interest in Kaepernick. The source contends the agent reached out to 32 teams. Regrettably, here it is 2022, and Kaepernick still isn’t playing.

Cole summed things up like this,

“Imagine 5 straight years spent waking up every day to train at 5am, staying ready in hopes that some team would reach out with an opportunity, no matter how impossible that sounded most days,”

And Cole is saddened, as it appears most of the world suffers from amnesia.

Time Limits on A Movement, Cole’s Response

How long does it take a movement to fizzle? Has it been long enough for a lapse in memory? According to Cole, no. But, even if the world forgets, Cole remembers Kaepernick’s sacrifice for something.

Cole’s message was to the world, but he had a heartfelt message for Kaepernick.

“I see you, bro, and I know God is with you. I pray the day soon comes when you get to play the game you love at the highest level again. And I haven’t forgot. RESPECT.”

Cole has a point.

Value of Cole’s Point

Understandably, no one is going to halt the celebration. People are still going to turn up. Super Bowl 56 also promises to be one of hip-hop’s most notable performances in history. As Cole conveys, it wouldn’t hurt to remember about Kaepernick. Without the Civil Rights Movement or the Harlem Renaissance movement, where would we be? Kaepernick’s stand is no different than other historical trailblazers, and respect is only a minimum.

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Written by Renae Richardson


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