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Jack Harlow Talks Pivotal Moments On Rap Radar With Brian “B Dot” Miller And Elliot Wilson



Jack Harlow. Image source: Rap Radar.

Today, Jun 15th, Rap Radar hosted a sit-down with the multi-talented artist Jack Harlow, who has captured the attention and hearts of fans throughout the entertainment industry. This exclusive with the rapper, actor, and all-around personality is one that fans must see.

Who Is Jack Harlow?

Jack Harlow is a down-to-earth guy from Louisville, Kentucky. He is an impassioned artist with a love for music that comes straight from his bones. It’s easy to see that hip-hop is infused in his DNA. He began dabbling with rap as a youngster and performing as an adolescent. As Last FM notes, “during his freshman year in high school, [Jack Harlow’s] YouTube videos drew the attention of major labels, but he chose not to pursue any of the deals offered to him.”

Jack Harlow

Jack Harlow. Image source: Instagram.

But in 2015, his first commercial project dropped, and from then on, his career was like rocket fuel. He had subsequent releases in 2016 and 2017. In 2018, he signed with a label, DJ Drama, and Don Cannon’s Atlantic Records imprint, Generation Now. What followed were several years of releasing content back-to-back until the present day. Given such a track record, the only word that could define such a work ethic is passion.

Harlow On Rap Radar

Jack Harlow on Rap Radar

Jack Harlow on Rap Radar. Image Source: Interval Presents.

The interview with Harlow was directed to cover several pivotal moments in the artist’s life and career. But in the first half, the dive quintessentially slanted toward his music. And as viewers will discover throughout the interview, Harlow is not afraid to own his talent. But why should he be? It is his talent that has made room for him in this space. And it is his passion that has brought him success. And for those who have found themselves wondering what he derives from this work, Harlow also clears that up.

In Jack’s words, the gratification comes from his fans feeling the “dopeness” of the output. Ultimately, he’s a hip-hop artist making a living doing what he loves because he’s talented and adores his art and the people, and that’s it, plain and simple.

Rap Radar: Something For The Culture

Rap Radar is branded to bring top-notch interviews for the culture to the community. As an Interval Present’s offering, Rap Radar aims to meet the intellectual and entertainment needs of its audience, lovers of hip-hop music and culture. And it hits the target every time, fully delivering on the vision of “bringing culture-forward audio content at the intersection of music, pop culture, and social impact.”

As a bonus, this platform offers exclusive sit-downs with the best of the best in the industry via a partnership with parent company Warner Music Group. But it is Rap Radar’s hosts Brian “B Dot” Miller and Elliot Wilson that set this platform apart from all others.

Miller And Wilson

Miller and Wilson are expert journalists with a penchant for research and a passion for hip-hop and its culture. Their unique drive to dig deep and extract information that fans most desire sets the bar. And this week, they used those skills in a one-on-one conversation with none other than Jack Harlow. Rap Radar’s segment with Harlow is currently streaming; check it out.

Written by Renae Richardson

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