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Jamie Foxx Asks Snoop Dogg to Shake Up Daughters Boyfriend



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Jamie Foxx is taking no chances when it comes to his daughter’s dating life. Foxx revealed the secret of keeping her dating life on track during The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Thursday night (Oct. 14).

Foxx shared that he once asked Snoop Dogg to invoke some fear in his daughter’s boyfriend by shaking him up a bit. It’s giving Bad Boys II Jamie!

“Act Like You Got Some Sense”

The entertainment powerhouse is adding author to his extensive catalog.  Comedian, actor, and musician, Jamie Foxx announced in August he would embark on the five city book tour. Foxx, while discussing his new book, Act Like You Got Some Sense, shared that he got an early start in making sure his daughter would approach dating correctly. Foxx urges his daughters to perfect their crafts and qualities as a way to ensure they are operating at full capacity before entering into a relationship.

The title Act Like You Got Some Sense derived from his grandmother.  She would utilize the phrase to chasten Jamie when she felt he may act out.  For this reason, Foxx shares the same values and skills with his young daughters. His goal is to break down the barriers with his daughters.

Uncle Snoop to the rescue!

Foxx shared with Fallon that Snoop had been at his home prior to Jamie’s daughter’s boyfriend arriving.  He expressed that he wanted Snoop to “shake him up.” Foxx impersonates Snoop saying, “Hey wassup cuz.” Foxx continued in his best Snoop impression, “We’re her Uncles, so act accordingly homie.”

What’s it giving?

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Foxx is shedding light on the very colex father-daughter dynamic.  Rather than forcibly enter the young women privacy, he has tailored a way to enter this delicate arena.  This has proven to be a delicate topic of conversation, but he has began to lay the groundwork towards bettering relationships within these relationships.

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