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Janet Jackson Delivers Powerful Biography



Janet Jackson shocked the world with news of her biography documentary. Friday, January 28th, the anticipated “Janet Jackson Documentary” premiered on the Lifetime network, highlighting the life of an icon.

A Change In The Narrtive

At one point, it was the norm to see posthumous biographical sketches of artists. Times, though, continue to change. Perhaps it’s the liberties taken with the narratives driving the change. The truth is, there is not much an artist can do to set the record straight posthumously.

Why Janet Jackson and Why Now?

As Jackson so blatantly put it in the first minutes of the documentary,

“It’s all about control, control of her narrative!”

We dig that.

Janet Jackson’s biography is an intimate and also authentic look into Janet Jackson’s life from childhood to the present. She tells her family’s story in a manner that has never been related, and that is the crux of the presentation.

Janet Jackson’s Biography

Jackson’s life hasn’t also been a bed of roses. And in Janet Jackson’s biography, she expresses time and time again the struggles of growing up in a famous family. This is understandable. Inarguably, The Jackson Five is one of the most prolific groups to hit the music scene. Amazingly, their music became the soundtrack for generations. And the relevancy of their music lives on.

In the biography, Janet Jackson did not only live in the shadow of her superstar brothers but one brother in particular. Sadly Janet fought to come from under the shadow of Michael Jackson. Yet, despite her struggle, she went to work making good on her drive to reach icon status, a merited honor.

Jackson’s Post Interview: A Little On Music

In a post-interview, Jackson is asked when she will release new music. Unbelievably, for those unaware, there is an original single, “Luv,” found in the documentary’s soundtrack, and it is fire. According to Jackson in her interview on “That Grape Juice,” She wrote”Luv” three years ago. She has a lot more music that is yet to be released. And when asked who she would like to collaborate with, her response Andersen Paak and Bruno Mars!

All we can say is, wow, that collaboration would be mind-blowing if it were to happen.

Janet Jackson’s Biography is brilliant. Those who watch will definitely leave knowing more about the icon and her fantastic family. Finally,  much applause to Janet for her courage and stepping up to take control of her life and narrative. In the artist’s words,

“I got a chance to tell my story and not have someone else tell it for me!”

That’s real and laudable.

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Written by Renae Richardson


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