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Jim Jones Discusses Alleged Brawl With Freddie Gibbs



Jim Jones

The Diplomats alum Jim Jones didn’t hold back earlier this week when talking about Gary, Indiana rapper Freddie Gibbs.

An unproven fistfight

Last month (Dec.15) a rumored physical altercation went down between Jones and Gibbs inside Prime 112 Restaurant in Miami. Allegedly, the fight took place after years’ worth of beefing between the two seasoned rappers. According to a report from VladTv, things came to a head as Jones and his entourage were leaving and Gibbs was entering the establishment. It was reported that Jim first confronted Gibbs about some unsavory words which then led to punches being thrown by Jim and his crew. While no video evidence has emerged, it’s been heavily rumored that Gibbs took the worst of the attack.

Nonetheless, the Indiana rapper appeared to be in high spirits and good physical condition in the days following the alleged fight. He posted a short video to his Instagram to reassure his fans.

The tension between the two goes back to 2014 when Freddie Gibbs had his GMC Denali shot up after a performance in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. When asked on Twitter if he believed Jim Jones had some involvement in the shooting, he replied bluntly: “Na I doubt it he too p***y.”

Shortly after the shooting Jim Jones sent out a dubious tweet. “U gotta be careful in BK lmao they give it up”.

Jim Jones sets it straight

Shockingly, Jim Jones now seems to be taking the high road. Fast forward to the present day and Jones has finally addressed the situation directly. In a Breakfast Club interview earlier this week (Jan. 24) he flatly denied the fight rumors.

“I don’t tussle, baby,” he said. “Nah, I don’t know what they’re talking about. You know rumors fly.”

While some may assume this may be meant to prevent any legal trouble on his end, Jones then added a more genuine sentiment.

“It’s a clean slate. Shout out to that guy, Freddie Gibbs. I wish you nothing but success in all your endeavors throughout the game.”

At this time Freddie Gibbs has yet to make his own statement burying the hatchet. Even so, it’s clear that Jim jones wants to start off his year drama free.


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