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Judge Throws Out $4 Billion Lawsuit Against Drake  



Judge Throws Out $4 Billion Lawsuit Against Drake . Photo Credit: 

Earlier this year, a woman named Mesha Collins popped back into Drake’s life. However, this time her reappearance was out of an attempt to sue the artist for a whopping $4 billion.

A Thorn in Drake’s Side

 Mesha Collins has found herself a role as a thorn in Drake’s side. According to The Source, in 2017, the young woman was found trespassing on the property of the “Hotline Bling” artist. Subsequently, the woman was arrested and quickly fell from the limelight. Four years later, she resurfaced like a bad nightmare.

The Basics of the Hearing

On December 17th, Judge Virginia Kennedy held a hearing. After considering all the information, the case was thrown out.  Plaintiff could not prove defamation, thus, nullifying the$4 billion claim of Collins.

Ms. Collins and Mr. Graham

It wasn’t enough to trespass on Drake’s property. According to The Atlanta Black Starr,

“Once on the scene, the estranged woman reportedly took several items from the home, helped herself to some of the star’s refreshments, after which she locked herself in a room.” 

The rapper was not home at the time of the intrusion.

So. why would she think Drake owed her $4billion for her breaking and entering? 

Drake Responds to Collins

Collin claims the rapper used her likeness and image. However, Drake contends he’s never met this woman. Drake reportedly said,

“I do not know the Plaintiff. I have never met her and have never communicated with her….”

What Could Be the Basis of the Case?

According to Drake, it’s a delusion. As the Atlanta Black Starr notes, Drake said he found the suit “frivolous” and based on “delusional figments of her [Collins] imagination.”

The Basis of the Ruling

The ruling was based on two factors. According to The Source, the first ruling went as such,  

“Plaintiff Collins has not demonstrated any of defendant Graham’s statements were about plaintiff Collins or that he used her identity, name, or likeness in his Instagram posts or endorsements.” 

Secondarily the judge found nothing that could be seen as inflammatory. In fact, the judge said,

She [Collins] has failed to establish that such statements were of a private fact that is offensive and objectionable to the reasonable person.”

So, it seems that Ms. Collins is short $4billion, and Drake can breathe a sigh of relief for dodging that bullet. Let’s hope that this ruling marks the last segment of this insane saga.

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Written by Renae Richardson




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