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Kanye West Hires Melinda Gates’ Divorce Lawyer In Divorce From Kim Kardashian



Ye Hires Lawyer Of Melinda Gates
Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. Image source: BBC.

Ye, formerly Kanye West, has made yet another big play in his divorce from Kim Kardashian. Ye has now hired Malinda Gates’ lawyer. This power play may render successful as Melinda is the ex-wife of tech pioneer Bill Gates. 

According to TMZ, West has obtained council in New York with Robert Stephan Cohen.

Another One Bites The Dust

In August of 2022, West’s previous lawyer, Samantha Spector, filed a motion in court to step down as his lawyer. Spector cited an “irreconcilable breakdown” of their relationship. Spector is a well-known and respected divorce attorney. 

While we know West’s demands and antics can wear down relationships, the fact that his lawyer made this obscene request may have scared off many others.

Robert Stephan Cohen, a notorious lawyer for dealing with billionaires’ splits, has been added to Ye’s list of attorneys. The New York-based attorney is known for being brutally honest and has adopted references such as “killer,” a “Doberman,” and “your worst nightmare.” 

Business Insider gave intel on some of Cohen’s wealthiest clients, such as Donald Trump’s ex-wives and Uma Thurman.

Kanye, Enough Is Enough

Hiring this new lawyer will make the 6th lawyer handle Ye’s divorce case. Since Kim and Ye’s public announcement to split a year ago, the public has had a front-row seat to the shenanigans this case produced. Both have dated “seriously,” unfortunately opening the door to another pile-on of the issue for the once power couple.

The KKW cosmetics curator wasn’t as vocal as Ye during the divorce. However, she has made it clear that his outbursts and rants on social media played a significant part in wanting to be declared legally single immediately.

Collateral damage

While stormy judgment clouds this case, the West children also catch shrapnel from this nasty split. A once united household is now a zone for bad parenting claims and back and forth between parents. The oldest West child, North, hasn’t displayed much disdain for the divorce. Apparently, Kim and Ye were already living separately before announcing the divorce, a source shared with Hollywood Life.

Standing on his ’til death do us part” vows, Ye maintains that he wants his Queen and his family back. His stance that his kids want their parents together may be a heart-tugger, but Kim has yet to budge.

Written by Antoinette Ford | Facebook: Antoinette Ford | Instagram: iamtonimonique_ | Twitter: @mizzford9

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