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Kanye West’s Rep Addresses Skid Row Fashion Week Involving The Homeless



kanye west
Image source: Dominique Charriau/WireImages.

Kanye West’s new idea involves the homeless. Seems like Ye is again back at it with his crazy ideas.

kanye west

Kanye West is reportedly helping the homeless living on Skid Row.

According to TMZ, Ye plans to address the homeless situation in LA. Kanye is also teaming up with streetwear brand, Skid Row Fashion Week to open modeling opportunities. Kanye West’s primary goal is to help better the homeless situation.

Earlier this month, the founder of Skid Row Fashion Week, David Sabastian, said he met Ye during the “Donda 2” recording.

They then discussed creating a “Yeezy X Skid Row” clothing collab. Sabastian states his company supports the homeless.

The business also donates a portion of sales to those living on Skid Row. 100% of proceeds from Kanye West’s Yeezy collab will be granted to homeless people.

In addition, the clothing factory also employs the homeless. At the same time, the money from the sales will help hire more employees who struggle to find jobs.

kanye west

Kanye West and David Sabastian.

Kanye West Has Not Made Any Public Statement Regarding This Project. However, his team chimed in.

On Thursday, January 27th, Complex reported the Yeezy Gap spokesperson claiming that Kanye West’s fashion show with homeless people was not in their schedule. He continued to deny the existence of a Yeezy X Skid Row collaboration. 

“Ye has a deep and solution-oriented commitment to addressing issues surrounding homelessness,” the rep stated. “But this reported event is not on our schedule at this time, nor are we aware of any product collaboration in development.” 

Although the “Kanye West x Homeless People” project may not be in the works, fans noticed what seems to be a Yeezy X Skid Row collaboration. It’s promoted on the Skid Row Fashion Week Instagram page.

kanye west

The reported Yeezy X Skid Row Logo.

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