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Kendrick Lamar’s Crown Of Thorns is More than a Showpiece



Kendrick Lamar Backstage at Glastonbury
Kendrick Lamar's Crown Of Thorns. Image Source: Kevin Rodriquez

Kendrick Lamar’s Artistry A CenterPoint

Kendrick Lamar recently dropped his new album, Mr. Morale & the Big Steppers. However, his lyricism wasn’t the only artistic work on display. The cover art displays the artist with an impressively ornate crown of thorns. And its place of prominence on Kendricks’s crown of glory had a lot of fans wondering about its significance.

The Public Gets a Response

Thanks to an increase in chatter, the public now has further insight. Recent revelations uncover details of the crown’s creation and the purpose for which the artist adorns it. Dave Free, who is also a collaborator, was one to give some insight into the meaning behind the headpiece. According to Free,

 “The crown is a godly representation of hood philosophies told from a digestible youthful lens.”

Admittedly that is a bit to absorb especially given its philosophical context.

What Does the Crown Mean to Kendrick Lamar?

Sitting down for the photo op for the album cover is not the only time the artist adorned the headpiece. Lamar also wore the crown during a performance of one of his beloved and signature songs, Savior, on the Pyramid Stage in Glastonbury. By now, it is well known the crown was not worn simply as a piece of apparel or status symbol. Instead, the thorns carried equal significance to the song Kendrick performed. Lamar revealed the motive behind the adornment during the performance in plain detail.

Lamar’s Revelatory Set

During the set, Lamar told the crowd he wore the crown as a reminder of his imperfections. In the lyricist’s words,

“Imperfection is beautiful,” adding that he wears his crown of thorns as a reminder: “They judge you, they judge Christ.” 

And it can get no clearer. 

Cloaked in Humbleness

Lamar is an artist in a league of his own. His gift of pontificating on issues of relevance in his artwork is incomparable. But, this is equally balanced with his ability to remain humble. And this is what defines Lamar as a class act. 

Only Kendrick could wear something so ornate yet utterly symbolic and make it a point of unification. Glastonbury offers another perfect example. One of the standout moments in Kendrick’s set came during the performance of Savior. Lamar poured out a lyrical offering simultaneously supporting those struggling with the Roe vs. Wade ruling. As MSN notes, Kendrick Lamar closed his performance of Savior like this;

“As blood appeared to trickle down his face from the thorns, Lamar repeated: “They judge you, they judge Christ. Godspeed for women’s rights!”

That garners much respect.

And while the crown of 137 carats designed and crafted by artists at Tiffany and Co. has drawn much attention, Lamar outshines its brilliance.

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Written by Renae Richardson


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