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Kid Cudi Ranks Self The Most Hated Man in Hip Hop



American rapper, singer, and songwriter Kid Cudi has shared his conviction that he is the “most hated man in hip hop right now,” as at least “it seems.” Despite that, Kid Cudi, who is also a record producer, believes he is “really one of the most blessed!!” 

The rapper’s tweet has been a concern to some of his followers, while others just laughed it off.

“Lmaooo bro rest,” one told him.

More Reactions From Fans

It was an outright question from some to really understand the post “most hated where,” a fan asked Kid Cudi; the another “Whys he saying that Chaney?”

There are, however, several “you are not Cudi,” “so not true,” and “bro is lying” forms of reassurance of love for the rapper.

Another fan had to remind him that his follower base is vast, and that’s a plus. “you’ve got like 22 Million monthly listeners bro… that’s a Win,” he said.

For some, Cudi should simply “Let them haters stay jealous!!”. He understands that “when you have haters, you’re doing something right.”

A female fan added, “My husband said you’re right where you should be! That says your on the right track.”

Kid Cudi’s Post Resurfaces Issues With Kanye West

Some are finding ways of linking Cudi’s post with him falling out with Kanye West “as you deserve you threw Kanye under the bus for skete,” one said.

Meanwhile, @ragersvoid seems to be endorsing Kid’s point “hated for no reason.”

Others were harsh, “Literally no one gives a damn about you man;’ “YOU DESERVE IT;” “Lead me to the haters. We stand together!”

It didn’t actually stop there – “He thinks he is Kanye” and “step one cross Kanye there won’t be a step two,” another response slashed in.

Just as Kid Cudi doesn’t actually bother about what people say or think about him, for some, @GOATYE_FAN, the reaction was an outright “We don’t care”.

Recall that in April 2022, Cudi posted a Twitter post that showed a crack in his relationship with Kanye West.

Despite all, Cudi is throwing “a special I LOVE YOU to the city of Cleveland,” his homeland from where many love messages are coming in after performing at the Moon Landing Festival.

“Feels like the luckiest man alive to be able to call yall my friends.” Kid Cudi tweeted.

His Netflix series drops on September 30.

Written by Nonye Aghaji

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