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Kid Cudi (Scott Mescudi) Boosting His Hollywood Cred with Upcoming Zombie Feature



Kid Cudi (Scott Mescudi)
Kid Cudi (Scott Mescudi). Image Source: Getty/Michael Buckner/Variety

One word that doesn’t describe Kid Cudi is monolithic. He has a diverse set of talents and is fearless in employing them. That is why it was no surprise when the news broke on April 24th. Cudi would indeed be working on another acting project. This time, it will not be a hip-hop throwback but a zombie feature.

Scott Mescudi (Cudi’s) Breakout

Kid Cudi has become a well-known name, whether it comes to hip-hop or film. His trajectory since entering the music industry has been all the way up. One explosive single, “Day ‘N’ Nite,” would be his signature, propelling him to explosive success. According to Rolling Stone, that release led to Kanye West Signing him. Indeed, the reception of the track was a signifier that the world was ripe and ready for Kid Cudi to claim his spotlight.

A Consummate Performer

Cudi has shown that he has always intended to make a mark, whether through music or film. The consummate performer is building up quite an impressive resume. Many would be impressed at the extent of Cudi’s filmography, which dates to 2010 with an appearance on One Tree Hill. However, some of his other notable projects have included Need for Speed, Jexi, West World, Bill and Ted Face the Music, X, Entergalatic, and House Party. But now he’s adding another horror film to his portfolio.

Mescudi’s Upcoming Project

According to recent news, Cudi will be appearing in a future film backed by Sony Pictures entitled Hell Naw. Although the title alone will shake up a fair amount of interest, that is not the only brilliant thing this film has going for it. This feature will also benefit from some stellar behind-the-scenes creative power. That includes Sam Levison, the creator of Euphoria, and screenwriters Keith and Kenny Lucas, known for Judas and the Black Messiah. Other than that, there are not a great many details. But from what we know, the film will be a zombie flick. And according to Mescudi, it’s bone-rattling. As he told Deadline,

“This movie has been five years in the making. I am telling the world now; this film will f*ck you up in all the best ways.”

Why horror

According to Mescudi, horror is right up his alley; he’s been in love with the genre since age seven. As Mescudi went on to tell Deadline,

“The first horror movies I saw were Night of the Living Dead and Evil Dead. And from then on, I was hooked on the feeling of being frightened.”

Now as many might have surmised, Cudi is not only acting in the film. He also has had a big hand in the crafting and development of the feature.

Other Developments

There are no further developments for Hell Naw yet. However, Mescudi (Cudi) has a lot to keep him busy in the interim. According to Deadline, he’s slated to appear in Knuckles the Sonic the Hedgehog Spinoff and Silent Night, dubbed a John Woo action film.

In Summation

Armed with this knowledge, there is one thing that can be assured. Mescudi is cementing a name for himself one film at a time, unafraid to show he’s a working artist with a dream and plan to execute to its fullest.  And from this stance, who can be mad at that?

Written By: Renae Richardson

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